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[Unity] Let’s Make | Match 3 Game | Ep 01 – Generating the board

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Hello guys! Today we will continue the series where we make a Match 3 game, like Candy Crush, Bejeweled and Pokemon Shuffle.

We will learn how to set up our Canvas, how to create a 5×5 grid of nodes, and how to randomly change the color of each piece on start.

Thank you so much for the support, hope you are well and I will see you soon on the next video! Peace!


  1. Hi! will you be continuing this series? I'm kind of actually quite familiar with the process but I thought your series makes for a good exercise!

  2. Why did you just stop the 2.5 d platformer tutorial

  3. This tutorial looks like toon blast or toy blast (clicked based matching) am I right?

  4. When are you going to continue this series? I would like to see this to the finish. Thanks.

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