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Tug of War No Blood – Squid Game 3

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Our Squid Game Song is now on Spotify! Go there, listen and spread it to your friends! This is a heavily edited/censored version with absolutely no blood or gore, and may be considered teenage friendly or PG-13.

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#squidgame #tugofwar #tugowar (PopMov is created and produced in SKOVDE, SWEDEN – PopMov är en Youtuber från SKÖVDE, SVERIGE)


  1. This not squid game It's Dieing or'oofing Game

  2. This is the same strategy I used in kindergarten

  3. Anh gi hun ơi kéo mạnh lên

  4. Wow anh deok su kéo ròi🎉😢

  5. Vì em quá thích anh gi hun rồi phải làm sao phải làm sao

  6. Anh 194 ơi anh ổn hong

  7. Anh tên là gi hun 456 mà

  8. during the game, didn't the contestants get rope burns?

  9. Gosto muito de vc também 🤩 que Deus me dê muita força e força pra sua mãe que horas que vc vai vir buscar vocês amanhã você pode vim buscar a gente amanhã

  10. Çoxx həyəcanlı idi əsas da 1-mərhələ


  12. It is incredible that the Boss of the game was in the team. That means they probably didn't handcuffed him and if they were about to lose, he would release himself and be saved.

  13. Red light green light is my favorite video

  14. Hey! You forgot special round its a game you know

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