Town Crush Game Review - P2E Match-Three by Gala Games -

Town Crush Game Review – P2E Match-Three by Gala Games

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Town Crush game review. Town Crush is a play-to-earn (P2E) Match-Three game by Gala Games. It is based off of their popular title Town Star and is designed as the first provable use case for Gala Games proprietary blockchain, Project GYRI. Let’s go over the gameplay and tokenomics as well as the future of Town Crush.

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00:00 Town Crush Overview
00:24 Gameplay Review
01:00 Downfalls
01:31 Play-to-Earn Tokenomics
01:55 Release Information
02:16 Future of Town Crush
02:40 Memberships & Social Links


  1. 3rd level out of lives. had dinner, went to bed, been up an hour or so… oh look i still don't have any more lives, done… yeah it seems like they don't want people to play it or something…

  2. Is this playable now? And is only for Gold Members to win Gala?

  3. I have some Gala and i m looking froward to buying NFTs for Town Star. Where can i buy TS NFTs? Which websites sell them in Gala Tokens? And what are some of the best NFTs in terms of in-game Utility

  4. I can't get past lvl 8 im losing my mind. tooltips would of been nice before i wasted my eggecutiners' earlier

  5. I used to love games like this to help pass some time! Although, I've never played a P2E game before.

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