Top 10 Match-3 Games for Android 2019 [1080p/60fps] -

Top 10 Match-3 Games for Android 2019 [1080p/60fps]

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If you love puzzle games, check out the best Match-3 games of Android. Click the links below to get these awesome titles.


10 – Matchington Mansion |
9 – Puzzle Combat |
8 – Angry Birds Match |
7 – Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga |
6 – Puzzle Ark |
5 – Guildmaster Story |
4 – Cartoon Network Match Land |
3 – Cats Atelier |
2 – SEGA Heroes |
1 – Troll Patrol |

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  1. I miss color peiceoutEdit: found it by using google playstore link, it doesnt appear when i search it on google playstore bruh

  2. Please create an uptodown app for blackberry playbook

  3. Fuck this, Bejeweled is the best. It's classic. It was the first match 3 game created, it's nice and simple (unlike these where there's too much crap going on), and there's multiple fun games modes like Butterflies, Lightning, Poker, etc. I've only played the classic one though. I haven't tried Blitz or any of the other games. I should go try them, they should be just as good.

  4. Greetings from singapore, so which one best or hardest match 3 games? 😎

  5. Thank you for taking the time to put these together, it helps so much to know what a game is like before I download it, and i like number 3, I have strongblade and penguin pals, they are my absolute go to because after a day of trying to get through a hard level they seem to have a built in mercy level 😆 I will get through and not even know how, 👍👍.

  6. Thank you for this video. Puzzle ark is my mobile game of choice.

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