The Wizard of Oz: Magic Match - Download Now -

The Wizard of Oz: Magic Match – Download Now

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Match your way to meet The WIZARD OF OZ™ in this magical puzzle adventure!

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  1. Can this game will be soon on the ios too

  2. The game will make you waste your money on boosters. You won't get the pieces nor enough moves to complete the level

  3. I have no way of getting in touch with support. My game is STUCK and my emails have gone UN-ANSWERED. Does anybody know how to un-install the app?? Only selection I get is SHARE or remove from Home Screen. No DELETE option.

  4. eu queria queria​ saber porque eu já estava no nível 95 e de repente o jogo zynga saiu do programa, quero que ele volte pois gosto dele,. é se for possível que a legenda seja em português.

  5. Por favor como hago para bajar este juego en mi pc

  6. I have been stuck on level 395 for 2 weeks. It is very frustrating if you don't want to spend your money to play. I'm about to delete the app. and find a new game to play.

  7. Only game that hasn't lost my interest lol Candy Crush pissed  me off

  8. I love this is my favorite game I wish you would come back on my hey is your come back on

  9. Yaagaad mongol tataj blhgui bgnbeeee yaaagaaad gyls hariuu

  10. avatar the last airbender puzzle

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