The Top 10 Match 3 RPG’s On Mobile | iOS & Android -

The Top 10 Match 3 RPG’s On Mobile | iOS & Android

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Match 3 RPG Hidden Gems Part 1:

Match 3 RPG Hidden Gems Part 2:


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  1. Try Gems of War. It's definitely more for the Match 3 RPG hardcore fans. 1,296 Troops 1,772 weapons 140 Types of Resources 83 Banners 37 Classes 61 Pets 34 Kingdoms 19 Underworld Kingdom's Dungeons Soul Forge Treasure Hunts Gnome Vault Adventure Boards Bounties Class Trials Pet Rescue Faction Assault Arena Great public chat The team building in this game is off the chain in depth. If you can find a Mobile Match 3 RPG that is just as much or more in-depth then Gems of War Point me in the direction!

  2. Oh man…all of these are ios only

  3. Love when you do Top 10s! This list is awesome! Would love if you do a few full on let’s plays of some of the more difficult games you have shown! ❤️

  4. Fantastic list of new and old. Makes me wanna play Hero Emblems all over again. Matching games in general are just such a perfect fit for mobile. Congrats on another great video.

  5. Thanks… I'm mainly looking for games that are less than 20mb… OR… HTML5 games that can be played entirely from my SD card.

  6. Все игры, кроме последней, ТОЛЬКО для iOS 🙁

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