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Sweet Candy Blast: Match 3 Puzzle Game

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Sweet Candy Blast is a match 3 puzzle game with over 150 levels of fun!

Shoot candy, swap candies and make matches to blast away the candy. Get more points by making bigger matches or combos, try to get three stars on each level and enjoy this sweet adventure!

Sweet Candy Blast is a fun, match 3 puzzle game with an exciting storyline and simple gameplay. You’re tasked to help the sweet candy legends save their world from the evil King Moo! Match three or more of your favorite candies to unlock power-ups that will give you special abilities like extra time, bombs, and shields.

Sweet Candy Blast is a match 3 puzzle game with all the sugary goodness you crave! Match three or more candies to make them disappear and get sweet points. Explore the world of Sweet Candy Kingdom and see if you can find all of its secrets, while enjoying this yummy treat!

The match 3 puzzle game that’s bursting with sweet candy! Join the sugar rush as you play through over 300 levels of swipes, bombs, and boosts to help Marco and Maria get their grandparents’ bakery back in business. With a delicious twist on classic gameplay, this treat is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth for hours on end.

Match 3 or more candies in this sweet candy blast puzzle game. Sweet Candy Blast is a match-3 puzzle game with tons of levels to keep you entertained for hours! Match as fast as you can, and try not to let the board fill up too much.

Start playing now, and see if you have what it takes to become a Sweet Candy legend!

If you like candy, match 3 games and puzzles then this is the game for you! Sweet Candy Blast combines these three elements into a fun experience that’s playable by everyone

Match candies and create special boosters to help clear levels in as few moves as possible. Match 3 or more candies in this addicting Match 3 puzzle game! Connect three or more of the same color to make sugar drops disappear. If you can’t get a match, use your special power to clear all of one color from the board. A great way for kids and adults alike to kill time!

Can you beat the candy match 3 puzzle game?

Sweet Candy Blast is a fun and addicting puzzle game that will keep you entertained for hours. Match three of the same candies to clear them from the board and gain points. In this video I give tips on how to solve some of the most difficult puzzles, as well as what makes Sweet Candy Blast so addictive!

Sweet Candy Blast is a match 3 puzzle game with an exciting twist. You can use power-ups and boosters to help you clear the board in this challenging new matching game!

Match 3 or more candies to make them disappear and get a high score! This match 3 game is super fun and will keep you entertained for hours. You can play this puzzle game anytime, anywhere, as it’s available on your mobile device too!

Sweet Candy Strom Features:
– It’s a fun and addictive game.
– You will feel like you’re having a blast playing the game.
– The Candy is so sweet, and it’ll make your mouth water!
– Fun, challenging gameplay.
– Make progress through the levels with ease.
– Keep playing without getting bored or frustrated

Sweet Candy Blast is a match 3 puzzle game with a twist. The goal of the game is to make matches of three or more candies by swapping them. You can swap any two adjacent candies and you have unlimited moves. But here’s where it gets tricky: You must not drop any candy on top of existing candies, and every time you swipe across the screen, new rows are added!

🍭😍Sweet Candy is a puzzle Match 3 and a very fun game. In this game we need to swap and match 3 or more Candies horizontal or vertical in this puzzle to special candy combos for divine matching combinations. Burst various barriers with fun Trick and smart moves, and be rewarded to the next level.🎁💙

I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun playing the blast puzzle game🥳 The fruit candy blast game has many different candies🍬🍭🍫 The candy puzzle game’s candies are beautiful, yummy and colorful. All the candies will be arranged randomly. If you can match 3 candies of any one color in a row, you will get points. It is impossible to say how much fun the candy block game is🥰😍

🍭😍How To Play? 🎁💙
Swap two adjacent candy pieces by tapping on them 👆👇or drag one piece over another 👉to move them around; find matches of three or more lollipop, gummy bear, jelly beans, chocolate bar tiles – whatever they happen to be called. Keep Swipe candies to crush the levels and keep in mind the candy matching time.

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