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Swag/MyPoint Review: Get Merge Dragons to Foothills 3! Magical Match 3 Games

Coffin Ingots
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MyPoints (Gives both of us a bonus):

Swagbuck (Gives both of us a bonus):

FreeCash(Bonus for referral link as usual):

Inboxdollars(Alternative to both^. $5 Bonus to us both, but also Daily bonus)

PrizeRebel(For People not in Major Countries. Pays less but there’s a bonus for referral link)

Discord Community: (Ask for the ingot role in #role-requests)

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  1. at what point should I start using my orbs?

  2. how do you know you reached foothills 3

  3. can you still earn money if you combine swagbucks and my points together on same offer?

  4. Can't wait for Windows 11 to run android apps natively

  5. Is it wo4k if we already had dowbload this game before because i already know this game and download it but i want to see if its work if it work if we already had it before in our phone

  6. If you want a idea of offers video there is solitaire grand harvest the goal is to get crops 8 ( lvl 127) its pretty easy the time to complete its not the same to every website

  7. If you want to know foothills 3 its i tjink lvl 71

  8. Are you running bluestacks or some other android emulator?

  9. How long does it take to get to foothills 3 cuz in the description on swagbucks it says I have 2 weeks? Also when I complete foothills 3, will swagbucks know that I did it or will I need to contact them.

  10. Does swag bucks send you a message when you complete it

  11. brooo i completed the offer and while it was pending the offer ended

  12. Is it fine if I come online every 24 hours and do a 1-2hr session grind?

  13. wait I'm confused how did you get an android app to run on a pc. Also how is that going to credit if you are playing the game on the pc?

  14. Right now it's 8000 for doing. I hope I can do it. Any advice anyone? Ty

  15. Hey guys, if anyone does inbox dollars , they're paying $100 for rise of kingdoms I believe it's called. Level 18 in 21 days

  16. Thanks for the tips. I am trying for 8000 SB on my Swagbucks.

  17. hey I have a question. I already have merge dragon installed on my phone would they still give me the $80 if I start over?

  18. Maybe in 3day its donne its really easy all you need to do IS when you ran out if calice you go in setting in date and hour and advance thé hour im already in thé 30th lvl i started today toda

  19. And here on Day 12 since the download, I completed Foothills 3! (On the 12th day of the download the SB came to me… 8000 SB….) like 12 days of Christmas song!

  20. Everything you said in this video is fax you can literally finish this in 8 days thanks for the guide u saved me 24/7 hours of grinding on this game 😭

  21. I completed this on my phone two days ago. I'm still waiting to be credited for it. And, it is not listed as pending on my profile. How long does it take to be credited? After seven days, if I'm not credited, I'm going to have to contact the help center.

  22. I completed challenge 14 and they haven't sent me the swag bucks 😭

  23. Update guys after screen recording that I completed foothills 3 they actually gave me the money an now I am currently at 130 dollars 😭

  24. So I just completed foot hills 3 I didn’t get confirmation email and my sb is not pending what am I supposed to do,also they are asking for a screenshot of the confirmation email in case I want to send a ticket which I don’t think I got

  25. Are you allowed to change your phone's time to skip chalice refill time?

  26. Careful with this.. I got to foothills 3 after about a week and a half. Didn’t get credit even though tracking was enabled. Opened a ticket and haven’t heard a response in nearly two weeks….. Avoid!!!

  27. When do they payout? I finished it and I haven’t recieve my swagbuck

  28. What happen if u reached the goal and don’t get it

  29. Im doing this gig for swagbucks, what level did you have to get to in order to reach foothills 3 so I have a good idea, im on level 36 right now cross grove

  30. Hey..need to complete with 3 star? Or just completed and get point?

  31. Dude where IS F O O T H I L L S ? ? ! ! ! ! !

  32. Hey a little help it says must complete foothills 3 within 14 days of install. Is that a deadline or the app must be in my phone for 14 days.

  33. My question is when do you get the Swagbucks do u wait 7 days while it's pending or what???

  34. This game is so stupid thank god once I get my money I can remove it.

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