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Stan’s Magic Museum: Olympian Trouble – Match 3 Games – iWin

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Stan is a regular guy who works a late-night job as a guard at the local museum. It can be a tedious profession, but he finds methods to keep himself entertained. Even now, one day before the museum’s official opening, he isn’t expecting anything to happen. When he knocks down a weird tablet on exhibit at the museum, all of the objects are drawn through a mysterious portal. This is a disaster, especially given how close it is to the grand opening… and he knows who will be held accountable. He’ll have to deal with the gods if he wants the museum’s relics back.

– A light-hearted, comedic story of a modern-day museum guard
– Fun match-3 puzzles let you test your skills
– 20 upgrades as you retrieve each artifact
– Help Stan to return the lost artifacts to the museum
– 5 chapters follow Stan’s quest in the Greek mythology realm

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