Sherlock: Hidden Match 3 Cases, June 2021 -

Sherlock: Hidden Match 3 Cases, June 2021

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TREASURE ISLAND – Lucy Burk ventures into “Treasure Island,” where she is hoping to find evidence that the book’s author, Robert Louis Stevenson, once traveled into that world. At the Admiral Benbow Inn, she meets the innkeeper’s young son, pirates looking for the Dead Man’s Chest, and a mysterious one-legged seafarer. Can you help Lucy and Sherlock unravel this plot and figure out if her theory is true?
NEW “ADMIRAL BENBOW” INN SCENE – Find hidden objects or match gems in a row in this colorful location from the book.

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  1. Why u give up survivors the quest ? It has a lot of potential to became better! Why never update this game? Why so many bugs occured? Why ads cannot play?

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