SECRETS OF PANDORIA - NEW Match-3 Puzzle Story Game -

SECRETS OF PANDORIA – NEW Match-3 Puzzle Story Game

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Secrets of Pandoria by Trilobite Soft

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Join forces with the goddess Pandora and restore the beautiful land of Pandoria back to its former glory!

A wonderful world of magic and mystery, fun and excitement awaits you in this joyous, friendly game!

Build adorable homes for a host of cute characters and fill their town with fantastical gardens as fountains jet crystal clear waters and flowers bloom bursting with glorious colors, creating a wonderful backdrop to the challenging match-3 fun!

Accept Pandora’s magical box as a gift and use it to:

• Solve fun, ingenious match-3 puzzles
• Fill the board with spectacular, explosive bonuses!
• Earn an ever-increasing selection of beautiful buildings for your village!
• Brighten up the town with charming, delightful decorations!
• Share your creations with friends
• Piece together the treasure maps and hunt for rare bonus items!
• Unlock exclusive Pandorian comic books!

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