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Rtr Draft 6 Match 3 Games 1,2

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  1. Pretty sick match. I kinda feel sorry for your opponent.

  2. Haha thanks 😀 He was okay. It was cool to be a part of that play I think.

  3. Yes…basic land can be a game ender. I've had to remove a forest from play because someone had a field full of forest walking dryads. I don't run basic lands…and he GAVE me a forest. The bastard. I had to pay 1 of each color to activate Legacy Weapon on it. Definitely one of my top /WTF/ plays, ever.

  4. Yup. I realized it was more than 20 and thats all that mattered 😀

  5. I love how you can read that guy's end response just in his hands: "what? reaaaally?" +/- some expletives maybe

  6. I just love Ethereal Armor so much, especially when you are playing with green mana also so you can put rancor on your creature also

  7. Killer turn Daisho. That second match was an interesting one.

  8. I definitely should've gone full jerk and just tilted the camera at his face and interviewed him about it 😛

  9. Yeah… there's a modern deck that uses that and Daybreak coronet that has been decently successful recently.

  10. when you said/asked "what're you at", then added another pursuit of flight.. that made my day. gg

  11. Such a strong deck. Those Ethereal Armors have really lifted the Auras of RTR to a whole other level.

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