Playrix Gardenscapes - New Event - Austin's Adventures - Lets Play Match 3 Mobile Games -

Playrix Gardenscapes – New Event – Austin’s Adventures – Lets Play Match 3 Mobile Games

Mark Scooby
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Playrix Gardenscapes – New Event – Austin’s Adventures – Lets Play Match 3 Mobile Games


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A major Gardenscapes update: music and adventures!

– Go on an exciting treasure hunt adventure with Austin at the start of August!
– Beat levels, get energy to complete tasks, and explore new areas!

– A new season is here—Disco Season! Get all the rewards with the Golden Ticket!
– Create a Corner of Italy in the garden at the end of August.
– Earn even more special event currency—olivette—to decorate the garden in the Italian Abundance event.
– Camper Van: help Austin and Robbie renovate the camper van of their dreams!
– Earn even more renovation tickets to fix up the camper van in the Upbeat Vibes event at the start of September.

– Celebrate Gardenscapes’ birthday and get boosters and a unique profile picture at the end of August!
– Save the seals by the old lighthouse and build your own wonders of the world in the new area!
– Invite friends to the game to get rewards!
– New match-3 element: Planters. To collect all the Plants, match pieces of the same color next to them.

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  1. I clear my way but still the fog didnt remove I'm stuck I can't find the bridge..can you please tell me why

  2. I clear my way but still the fog didnt remove I'm stuck I can't find the bridge..can you please tell me why

  3. 39:04 How we pass over the fog to find out who's screaming ? I have a plant in my path way and can't clean it . im stuck and i dont know how to move on .

  4. 7:23 I cleared the bush bt fog doesnit move and I stuck there..please help

  5. 6:40 when i cleaned the bush, the fog didn't move 🙁 i don't know what's wrong

  6. 13:06 there's no flower in my path and i click everywhere but all it says is that the path is blocked.

  7. I've cleared everything but can't get the stick.

  8. Austin is stuck cant proceed….fog won't clear

  9. I can not find the stick to move the big tree after build the bridge..the fog can not move…can you help me? What's wrong with my app??

  10. I am also playing this game but in the map route I am clicking to clear the way but it shows passage blocked . Then what to do ?

  11. i need your help please. am right there where I harvest the apple tree (8:44). but when I want to harvest the flowers, it says "way locked" that is actually everywhere, no matter where I look. can neither go forwards nor backwards 🙁 thank you!

  12. Why am I stuck and I have enough energy to clear the path for the bridge

  13. Mình chơi như hướng dẫn mà sao tới hái nấm thì k đi đc vậy.mong được giải đáp ạ

  14. Ok so I was stuck there 7:25 because the bush didn't appear but now, it appeared but I can't remove it because it keeps saying passage blocked. I don't know what to do

  15. can't cross to get the stick, it won't let me clear the way, please help

  16. We are here for the same problem, the fog doesn't move away after we cleared the path

  17. 🚩TO MARK… HUGE THANKS FOR THIS POST!! U HELPED MY ENTIRE TEAM!! 😊⭐I Used it Step by Step.. would have missed 70% of What u found. Thanks from GuitarGeeks 🎸⭐

  18. I just wanna know how you get so many coins and energy

  19. im stuck at 30:00 , cant collect the woods, roots and ropes it says passage blocked even if its clear 🙁 help!!!

  20. Passage blocked Showing after clicking option attract a hedge dog

  21. I cleaned the first part but the most is still there

  22. Por favor alguien me puede decir porque estoy bloqueada en el evento tengo bastante energía y no me deja avanzar?

  23. Intha video ota continue video potunga please

  24. I cannot get to the gazebo, I've cleared everything possible on the path from the old lady and the fog just says passage blocked X with no option to clear anything else. Any idea what to do next?

  25. I found the wooden star and then followed the path , but unlike here at 18mins 25+ on mine the fog wont clear to get to the bridge

  26. Mrs. Dubs disappeared for me my game is glitched (12:38) so sick of all the bugs in this game

  27. Cannot pass through the stone,, it said passage block,, but i do have enough energy or power,,, pls help at 1:07

  28. I’m stuck to give mr dubs herbs & berries.. please help… 🙁 -(12:30)

  29. I had issues too of bushes being gone but as long as I go back to the normal garden then back into this they are there.

  30. I cannot go to the lake.. even if i cleared the path. The fogs doesnt clear up. As if i am not online. What wrong? Everytime i open I'm stuck there.

  31. If anyone is having issues with fog clearing. Just return to home garden. Beat one level and problem solved. Some of the bushes which have been cleared will appear again. But if u remove them the fog will clear

  32. Mera apple collecting treasur chalu h but wo path block hi bata raha h

  33. Bro this Austin's adventures in which version

  34. Bro this Austin's adventures in which version bro

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