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Play Bubble Shooter game 2

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Bubble shooter game is one of the most entertaining, addictive and time-killing games
Bubble shooter is a game that has been developed for a long time, however, challenges & experiences which this game created perhaps make it become a lasting game forever.
Bubble shooter helps each person to experience challenges from small to large, from less to more. It offers you moments of entertainment after stressful, tired work
Bubble shooter with beautiful views of forests, lakes, deserts … makes us feel interesting, offer us great emotions, new and vivid experiences
The game is suitable for all people of ages, from children, young people, middle-aged people and the elderly. With the intelligent arrangement of levels combined with automatic adjustment AI will make its levels extremely interesting and will make you fall in love with it
In addition to shoot bubble to win, rescuers will appear in a few levels; your task is to rescue the captive dinosaurs; you are winner after freeing all dinosaurs
Difficult experiences of this bubble game occur from time to time, which are to make more interesting, however you can use rescue bubbles to get supports in emergencies.

How to play the Bubble shooter game:
– Choose a level to play
– Choose the ball and aim for shooting
– This is a match 3 games, so when at least 3 balls of the same color hitting each other, these bubbles will explode and you will get points
– The more bubbles exploded, the higher the points added
– You can shoot the bubbles, then remaining bubbles will fall into the container, at this time, the score will be counted according to which container storing dropped balls and respective points are added.
– When you shoot off all bubbles hung on the screen or balls containing the character to be rescued, you will win
– The rankings will appears, if you get a high score, you will be ranked 3 stars or 2 stars, 1 star respectively

What do you get when playing this Bubble shooter game?:
– Offer you experiences of discoveries
– Help you train your brain
– Offer you entertainment
– Help you kill boring time
– Help you avoid loneliness

Who is the Bubble shooter for?
– AI system of levels will make level become more difficult or easier depending on each age group
– You are young people with passion to explore, experience, challenge. The difficulties of this game will make you satisfied
– Your child is a kid, oh well, the Bubble shooter is smart enough to help your child happy and train his/her brain, make your kids smarter
– You are the elderly person, you need something more serious, obviously the game will meet your needs, please trust me, this bubble game will give you moments of comfort and fun
– Your job is stressful, start and play, you will have relaxtion, all anxious stress will pass

Download and experience right now, we believe that Bubble shooter will satisfy you
We always look forward to the feedback to make the game more improvement for later versions at: [email protected]

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