Orioles vs. Rangers Game 3 Highlights (10/10/23) | MLB Highlights - zenkogames.com

Orioles vs. Rangers Game 3 Highlights (10/10/23) | MLB Highlights

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Orioles vs. Rangers full ALDS Game 3 highlights from 10/10/23, presented by @evanwilliamsbourbon

(1:07) Corey Seager hits a home run to right-center
(2:11) Mitch Garver ropes a two-run double
(2:47) Adolis García cranks a three-run home run
(3:57) Gunnar Henderson gets the Orioles on the scoreboard
(5:20) Nathaniel Lowe knocks a solo home run
(7:07) Rangers clinch the series vs. the Orioles

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  1. Corey Seager is lowkey one of the best hitters ive ever seen, he's so underrated. It's like every time I see an at bat from him he's making hard contact. It always seems like every ball he hits has the potential to go out, and he's not the biggest guy like a Yordan. He's just a pure natural hitter with such great skill. Such a beast

  2. The O's are such a young team at the core, im sure they'll be back next year and for years to come. O's fans should be excited. Rutchsman, Henderson, Jackson Holiday in the minors, and so many other names like y'all will be fine for the next decade at LEAST. Rangers just a little bit more prepared for the moment this time around.

  3. It was so much expectations on the O's and look what happen to them.⚾

  4. I have a speech the rangers manager needs to give to the players.
    Goes like this.
    A bull and a baby bull were standing on top of this hill looking down on 500 beautiful heifers.
    The baby bull says " daddy let's run down this hill and stud us one of them heifers"
    The daddy bull says " no son. Let's WALK down the hill and stud EVERY ONE OF THEM

  5. Brilliant win well done rangers 🤠🤠🤠🎖🎖🎖

  6. O's fans who puffed their chests out during regular season finding out there's a difference between playing with and without pressure.

  7. O's had a great year. Made me excited about baseball again, in fact I think I like baseball more now than I ever have. We got swept in the postseason, but we have such a likeable team rn and if we keep our players, we have so much potential for the future.

  8. man texas looks liike such a good powerhouse team they have such good players

  9. What a great time to be a Rangers fan.. 2 sweeps in a row!! now to finish it off. Dare i say World Series Champions????

  10. Good for Texas. I'm surprised by their levels of Dominance so far

  11. I know if your an oriels fan you’ll say “well we have the future to win” but just look at the 2016 cubs. You must cherish your moment and not just say “well this year we are playing with house money”

  12. Eovaldi SHOVES for the second straight time

  13. AL West is the best division in Baseball hands down

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  15. The Rangers were able to advance after holding a 2-0 series lead. Good job

  16. As an Astros fan I am happy about the Rangers moving on to the ALCS! Hoping the Stros can finish off the Twins so we can have a Lone Star ALCS!!

  17. dude… that garcia staredown was colddddd

  18. Hopefully the Rangers carry this hunger when they face the Astros

  19. One of the biggest slapping stocks and choke jobs in major league history! Basically Baltimore Orioles shouldn't even have been in there to tell you the truth I would have rather seen the Seattle Mariners play but instead we had a team by the name of Baltimore stinkerules will made-it and got swept 🧹 🧹 MLB is a crazy thing

  20. If the Orioles don’t make the post season next year, then this season was a total fluke. I mean, how could they lose their first 2 at home ?

  21. The AL East got swept. All 3 teams. Crazy. I knew my Jays would lose and not surprised we got swept but very surprised by Tampa and especially Bmore. Congratulations to Texas on moving on to the ALCS.

  22. The didn't get sweeped all season until now, that says alot about this team..🤷‍♂️

  23. Cory Seager is a beast, hit a home run in this game and they walked him 5 times in game 2 that says alot about Seager..

  24. Aww man I was hoping this wouldn't happen where all the sports turn into horse racing…First off I'm not an Orioles fan but they lost to the Rangers? The Rays lost? The Dodgers are down 2 games to none? All these "ok" teams are winning? Something is not adding up …I never wanted to believe anything bad about my favorite sport but they should have never allowed betting on MLB games and I'll leave it at that….

  25. As a rangers fan for almost 50 years this is so gratifying and special. We need this. We've never won anything. Thank you God for blessing us. TRFFL!

  26. Im a rangers and astros fan being from Texas. I want the rangers to win the series back in 11 and 12. I have a feeling though theyll lose to Houston. Regardless there will be at least one Texas team in the world series..

  27. The wild card team beating the division champion. Nothing new 😊

  28. Most Texas Rangers fans are morbidly obese, so unfortunately for them, they will not live long enough to potentially see the Rangers win a WS

  29. MLB needs to fix their playoff system, having home field advantage under this current format is not an advantage when you take into consideration teams with the best records with byes, having 5 or 6 days off, that is just too much time off. Having that much time off throws off any momentum, timing or rhythm any team has going into any division series matchup. When you really think about the whole picture teams like the Braves, and Dodgers, have already wrapped up their divisions long before the wild card series takes place, so they are already resting players. We have had the last 2 seasons to look at with the Braves, Dodgers, and Yankees all teams with top seeds with at least 99 wins lost in division round. This year the 100-win Orioles are out, Dodgers are down 0-2, another 100-win team, the Braves could be eliminated again as they are down 1-2 games, having all this extra time off is hurting these clubs. In my opinion the best solution moving forward is to bring in more playoff teams, add 2 more playoff teams, 2 for the National League and 2 for the American League. Then instead of having a best of 3 Wild card Series, make it the best of 5.

    Here is where you make the regular season matter more, in the Wild card Series make all the lower seeds play all possible best of 5 games in the Higher seeds home stadium. In this format the regular season means something a lot more, you win 3 games on the road in the best of 5, you deserve to move on to the next round. This allows more playoff teams, more fan bases to be engaged in MLB season, it makes the regular season mean more, and does not have to teams wait 5 or 6 days off before they have to play, which mostly and usually hurts the better record teams, as we have seen already in just the first 2 years of this format. This also allows the Top seed to face off against the lowest seeded team.

    For example, the Atlanta Braves the top 1 seed would have played against the Cincinnati Reds, in the Wild Card series round. Best of 5 games all played in Atlanta if necessary; this way the Braves don’t lose momentum or rhythm, and don’t rest for too long. If the Reds can win 3 games in the best of 5 games it has earned the right, even a last place team can get lucky and win the best of 3 game series. It makes your regular season matter. Doing this is a win for all parties involved. I would also have the Divisional series best of 5 games moved to best of 7 Series, when you lose the first 2 games of a series, in the best of 5 games, its panic mode and difficult to overcome, but if it’s a best of 7 games series, you have a better chance to overcome 0-2 deficient in best of 7 game series. If you make it to the divisional round after the wild card series, you deserve to have the best of 7 game series.

    Also, when advancing to the next round of any playoffs, the best team with the best record should play the lowest seeded playoff team left remaining in the playoffs, again make the regular season matter, 162 games is a long season. So, if the # 7 seed Seattle would have defeated the # 2 seed Houston Astros, then they would play the #1 seeded team Baltimore Orioles if the Orioles beat the #8 seeded NY Yankees. The new playoff format works, it is time to expand it, having home field advantage means something, having all that extra time off does not and actually only hurt the best teams with the best records.

    This is what the formula would have looked like this year.

    American League

    #8 Yankees vs #1 Orioles- Best of 5 all played in Baltimore

    #7 Mariners vs #2 Astros- Best of 5 all played in Houston

    #6 Blue Jays vs #3 Twins- Best of 5 all played in Minnesota

    #5 Rangers vs #4 Rays- Best of 5 all played in Tampa Bay

    National League

    #8 Reds vs #1 Braves- Best of 5 all played in Atlanta

    #7 Cubs vs #2 Dodgers- Best of 5 all played in Los Angeles

    #6 D-backs vs #3 Brewers- Best of 5 all played in Milwaukee

    #5 Marlins vs #4 Phillies- Best of 5 all played in Philadelphia

    Downfall to this, is you would have to start the spring training earlier, so what it’s still warm enough in Florida and Arizona, Then you have to start the regular season earlier, as well, so what make sure the schedule has cold weather teams start out on the road in warmer places or domes for the first couple of series, these are millionaire professional athletes, this will make the system for the playoffs more fair, in a 3 game series, you’re going to get a lot more sweeps for a wildcard series, but a 5 game set and more teams, you’re not going to get as many sweeps. Why should teams that didn’t win finish the year winning their division have the big advantage, momentum, and rhythm of facing the teams with the best records with no momentum, being cold with 5 to 7 days of rest plus if they clinched their division early, then the momentum of that team has even more rest and no momentum even further. Baseball is a sport of timing, momentum, rhythm, and when you’re not playing meaningful baseball for a week and for some teams maybe 2 or 3 weeks because they clinch their division early, this is an unfair advantage of having the best records, you're punishing the best teams with the best records, while the whole momentum. This is the whole case made to expand the playoff teams and have no byes, no extra time off, this will make I believe better games and better playoffs, and you won’t see sluggish, cold teams, with no rhythm or momentum losing as badly as we have seen the first 2 years of the expanded playoffs. Having the top wildcard spot also means something, the other 3 wildcards though you have to earn your way by winning the wild card best of 5 series on the road, that is how it should be for teams that are getting in the playoffs as a wildcard with a record like Arizona Diamondbacks, let them earn it a little more, by having to win a best of 5 series on the road, any team in baseball can win a best of 3 series, even Oakland and KC did against better teams this year. Why should teams who have won 100 games have that much rest off, when it does more to hurt them then give them an advantage? This is the only fair way forward in my opinion. If you continue with the same system in place, it just means the regular season doesn’t mean much, if you dominate the regular season, win a 100 games, win your division, you’re not going to have an advantage by having 5 to 7 days of rest before you play your first playoff game, it’s ridiculous, I applaud the new format for the playoffs, it just needs to be expanded and reconfigured a bit. The stats and results of the past 2 post seasons don’t lie. You have too much time off, you are going to struggle to get going to start the playoffs because your rhythm, your timing, your momentum is off.

  30. People that follow fifa would think mlb is corrupt but then they realize that mlb is just for americans so then they let the corruption go

  31. I Iove watching mlb flexing on slapping a ball over a fence. Its how you learn boys have become men.

  32. I can't even be mad at the Orioles. To go from over 100 losses in 2021 to 101 wins in 2023 is an amazing turnaround. The future is bright for this team. They just were outmatched by the Rangers.

  33. MLB really needs to reduce the regular season and increase the playoffs. Every playoff series needs to be best of seven and be in a 2-2-1-1-1 format. Such a long season to do well and be eliminated in two or three games.

  34. It's not that the Orioles were great this year in regular season, the Red Sox and Yankees just had bad years.

  35. Good morning, Good afternoon, Good night – Good lord.
    geez baltimore.

  36. John Smoltz with the super informative break down on the color

  37. Cardinals fan here. You guys came so close for a ring. GO ALL THE WAY RANGERS!!!

  38. For the Orioles to not win a game makes me feel bad for them, such a triumphant team all season… just to dole up a complete dud….

    BRUCE BOCHY knows what he's doing, obviously hasn't missed a step

  39. It is rigged you fools…watching sports for years and that guy awaken beerus proved all of this is rigged. How could he possibly know the results before the game even starts. Do not be stupid people!!!

  40. When did starters bailing after 7 become the norm?


  42. BBruce Boch magic same format when he bring Giants in championship World Series ! Congrats In advance WS 2023 champs Texas Rangers

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