NRG vs WBG - Game 3 | Quarter Finals LoL Worlds 2023 | NRG vs Weibo Gaming - G3 full -

NRG vs WBG – Game 3 | Quarter Finals LoL Worlds 2023 | NRG vs Weibo Gaming – G3 full

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full game WBG vs NRG G3 lol worlds 2023 Quarter finals – Weibo Gaming vs NRG Game 3. of Season 13 lol eSports World Championship 2023 in Korea.
LoL eSports S13 WORLDS 2023 Playoffs – NRG vs Weibo Gaming Day 9 | League of Legends Worlds 2023 WBG vs NRG VOD 1080p Full HD.
Third match of the day – Weibo Gaming vs NRG best of 5 Game 3.
NRG vs WBG G3 full game in HD 1080p.

NRG Line-up:
Dhokla – Top Rumble
Contractz – Jungle Sejuani
Palafox – Mid Yone
FBI – ADC Ezreal
Ignar – Support Karma

Weibo Gaming Line-Up:
TheShy – Top Gnar
weiwei – Jungle Maokai
Xiaohu – Mid Jayce
Light – ADC Caitlyn
Crisp – Support Heimerdinger

Patch: 13.19 – Season 13
Game date: 2.11.2023 | 11/2/2023 | November 12nd 2023
Game place: KBS Arena, Korea
Casters: Captain Flowers, Kobe and Dagda

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  1. so many missed chances. contractz failed at most of his gank attempts + counterjungling, Ignar and palafox consistently getting caught out 😢 dhokla had no presence. FBI did ok even on Ezreal

  2. Even though NRG lost against WBG, its still a fact that G2 lost against an NRG team with Palafox and Dhokla. 😂

  3. As an NA fan, this series was closer than I expected 😂

  4. can we cancel NA and EU? just make lpl and lck play more matches, this level of game looks boring af

  5. You knew NRG dropped the towel in the series when they picked Ezreal… The champ has 0% win rate but EU and NA still think he is good…

  6. Can’t blame NRG for going Ezreal. I don’t think they’d survive a Caitlyn lane with anything else

  7. ignar playing like hes on a tank, jungle useless, 0 prio mid stomped into the ground, top gapped both in lane and fights. glad nrg is respecting na traditions!

  8. game 1 was sick, the NRG boys played great and made us NA fans proud.

  9. There were a lot of yikes moments but towards the end they were all playing good

  10. Weiwei is so trash. He will be destroyed next round.

  11. TheShy just showed Ignar who is the real Ignar

  12. Anyone know what the champ select music was? I heard it a couple of times in game 3s but can’t find it in any list

  13. the lies read these comments hahaha you simply got crushed by 4th seed of lpl lmao
    lets go t1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. G2 wouldve put up a better fight. Rly sucks that nrg had a good day and g2 had a bad day in their series

  15. Im proud of NRG. Didnt do to well during spring, surprised almost everybody during summer(granted they didnt do too well before the summer tournament), and made it all the way here to quater finals or WORLDS! Im excited to see what happens next season.

  16. For a change, China destroying every single other region team

  17. Honestly it was just bot gap. Mid Jg Top for NRG actually played amazingly. Very impressed how they held their own, very little blunders on that side of the map. Bot lane however, 🥴

  18. Time for a split into East and West cups.

    The gap between is too wide

  19. WHY ARE THEY CRYING LMAO. Did NRG seriously delude themselves into thinking there was even a tiny chance they would do anything?

  20. NRG plays good, better than a few years ago NA teams

  21. Wbg literally got a free ticket to the semi finals 😂 lucky bastards

  22. Dude if Ignar didnt int with all his terrible engages on tham Kench, and brain dead first bloods. NRG actually had a chance. The rest played really well Oh well atleast they did good this tournament. As about as good as it gets for NA or Western teams. Good job NRG. Ignar. Get back to the books and evaluate your plays. You let your team down .

  23. Was that the only NA team that made it to semifinals?

  24. I'm pretty sure also the #5 and #6 seed from LPL could destroy the #1 seed from LCS…

  25. Contractz: It was the year 2023, we were down 0-2 against Weibo, backs against the wall, and Palafox turns to me and says "Contractz, if you want to win, if you want to show the world what NA is about, you need to go GOD MODE like you did against G2. We need you, NA NEEDS YOU"
    Contractz son: And then you reverse swept?
    Contractz: Of course not, 3-0

  26. For the future of LOL, LCK and LPL should do more to improve eu and na

  27. Weak spoil shield from this channel losing views

  28. LCK & LPL #5-8 teams can win NA & EU or, at worst, be 2nd place. Facts of LOL e-sports.

  29. such a weird format for these weaker regions who boom after 1 game. This game seemed so pointless.

  30. NA playing with their monitors off all 3 rounds

  31. There's even a gap between LCS#1 and LPL#4….man, something needs to change in LCS.

  32. it was SUPPORT DIF all series. Ignar was TERRIBLE

  33. NA Just cannot compete at a world's tier. Every year they fail harder and harder. These are free games for anyone else they face.

  34. Pathetic west teams as usual another boring worlds

  35. Help please
    Whats the beat playing in the background during the champ select?

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