nL Wrestling Games Grand Prix - MATCH #3 [WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2007] -

nL Wrestling Games Grand Prix – MATCH #3 [WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2007]

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The competition for the WGGP Championship is heating up! Our champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin, faces his latest challenger in a game of YOUR choosing! Who will walk out with the belt?! And this week, we are joined by Chris Denker () on commentary!

The next game in the WGGP is determined by YOU! Suggest the next challenger for the WGGP Championship in the comments below. Leave a comment with the name of a challenger, and what game will host the defense.
– Game must have both challenger and champion on the roster
– Game must have option for CPU v CPU (AI v AI) matches
– No CAWS!

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  1. Bubba Ray has been foaming at the mouth to get a chance at austin since he did help d von get there anyways. Shut your mouth would make sense since D-von had an entire personality change after the loss.

  2. For shits and giggles I wanna see Paul London dethrone Steve Austin in SvR 06

  3. I want to see The Rock vs little old Stone Cold in wwe2k14 it could be a great opportunity for The Rock to take the title from Austin since he took the WWF title from him in Wrestlemania 15 and X7

  4. The rock vs Steve Austin a rivalry returns for one match would be awesome

  5. i wanted to see stone cold vs chris danger but no caws :'(

  6. I suggest Kevin Owens since Stone Cold never shook his hand back in the Kingiest of the Ringiest tournament!

    Game – 2K17, since it came out the year Owens became Universal champ.

  7. Virgil has promised to give us a 50¢ discount on autographs and pictures if he can beat Austin in 2K14 for the title

  8. I think we need ole Stone Cold to face off against The Great Khali in a parking lot brawl in Smackdown vs Raw 2008

  9. Was interference turned off? Nature boy really wanted to show that he was the MAN and the dirtiest player of the game.

    Tho, Austin is going through a lot of submission holds from the likes of Mr. Perfect and Ric Flair. I think it is time BRET DA HITMAN HART wants to take advantage of the situation in LEGENDS OF WRESTLEMANIA

  10. I would like to see Meat AKA shawn Stasiak in WWF wrestlemania 2000 this is a goof but also a not horrible idea

  11. It’s got to be a rock vs stone cold in smack down here comes the pain at wrestlemania

  12. It has been 15 years since the wrestling world lost John Tenta.

    Week Two suggesting Earthquake challenging Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WGGP Championship in WWE2K18.

  13. IM gonna suggest that the son of Mr. Perfect, Curtis Axel, get his shot at revenge and the championship in WWE Battlegrounds.

  14. Austin needs to enter the WWF WAR ZONE and face a real challenge, AHMED JOHNSON

  15. Definitely the genetic freak Scott Steiner needs to be in the contenders list he deserves it.

  16. Rock wants a shot in no mercy or wwe2k19

  17. I think we should reignite the Vince McMahon vs Stone Cold feud in No Mercy. Hat and jorts Stone Cold of course.

  18. To celebrate the 5 year anniversary of their infamously awkward podcast together, why not have The Wrestler Formerly Known as Dean Ambrose finally prove himself to Austin in WWE 2K16?

  19. Stone Cold vs The Undertaker Highway to hell match in wwe 2k15 they need to relive an amazing match that they felt was bad


  21. We need Rowan or SLATERRRR from the Bludline in WWE 2K20 just to show off Jawnny's superb managerial talents

  22. I think it's time for a regime change. Down with the king, long live PRINCE TEST! In No Mercy, as is fitting for a tyrant.

  23. Stone cold should face the 1 person who matches up with him the rock in svr2011

  24. Jawnny and Chris is the JR and Jerry Lawler of the internet.

  25. Still waiting on the real king of wrestling Jerry THE KING Lawler to get his hands on this false king! Let’s see it in SvR 07 2k20 or WWE 12

  26. If Stone Cold makes it to ten defenses, Vince should be his 11th opponent. His greatest rival should attempt to end the greatest reign in WGGP history

  27. Scott Steiner vs. Stone Cold – Here Comes The Pain, COME ON IT'S GOTTA HAPPEN

  28. I think its time for one of the greatest feuds in Austin's career to make a comeback. The man who was a part of the greatest double turns in wrestling history… Bret Hart. In an Ironman match from WWE 13.

  29. Blue Meanie, Wrestlemania 2000. Just like the graphic suggests.

  30. I would love to see Austin Vs HBK, smackdown here comes the pain or SmackDown shout your mouth

  31. I would like to see Austin defend the title against Hulk Hogan in Wrestlemania XIX. I remember Jim Ross teasing the idea of them facing and him saying "Will we someday?"

  32. okay after much needed time of thinking about this


  33. I think that it only right that the marks with money world champion Terry funk from fire pro wrestling comes in and show Stone Cold who the real champion is on the NL channel

  34. I wanna see Jeff hardy get a shot at the title svr 2010 in a TLC

  35. Curtis Axel wants revenge for his dad in wwe 2k16

  36. let's mix it up, let's see Austin vs. MIchael Hayes Legends of Wrestlemania

  37. Stardust in WWE 2k16 who doesn’t love that gimmick!

  38. Anybody who knows wants to know!
    Steiner vs. Austin. Here Comes The Pain!!

  39. Scott Steiner in WWE 2K19
    It's about time the reigning royaliest of rumbles champion gets his shot at the WGGP Championship!

  40. Bc he is my favorite wrestler.. And he ALWAYS DESERVES a title shot for being the greatest Luchador in history and for being the BIGGEST LITTLE MAN… I think Rey Mysterio DESERVES a shot of the title. And i think it should take place on one of my FAVVV wrestling games of all time, WWE SVR 2008. I think that would be FIRE and a good match we never got!! 😁😊😎😎💪🤟🤙☝️🙏💕💕💕🔥🔥🔥 BTW LOVEEEE ALLLL OF YOU GUYS!! Every single one of ya's!! Keep it up you BIG BOI'S!!!😂😂🤣😎💪🔥💕💕💕

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