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NHL Game 3 Highlights | Golden Knights vs. Panthers – June 8, 2023

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Matthew Tkachuk tied it late with his franchise-high 11th goal of the playoffs and Carter Verhaeghe fired home the OT-winner as the Florida Panthers rallied to defeat the Vegas Golden Knights 3-2 earning their first win in the Stanley Cup Final.


  1. You clowns didn’t even include the big penalty the third. Amateur hour

  2. Canadian People I need you’re help to know if they showed this game on CBC

  3. Долбоебы, как можно оставаться второем в финале КС!! Как?? Вегас супер!!

  4. ТкачУк и боб!! Как так, иггра команды зависит от двух игроков?

  5. Loved watching Tkachuk get throttled. Give him credit for coming back strong though.

  6. Shit’s getting interesting. Ig they won’t keel over and die

  7. I can't believe how dead the crowd was on a GAME TYING GOAL WITH THE GOALIE PULLED IN THE STANLEY CUP FINAL!!! That literally sounded like it could be a 3-1 goal in January for any canadian team.

  8. Вперед Флорида❤️❤️❤️🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  9. I changed my mind. I was going to abandon my Game 4 ticket as I don’t want to celebrate Vegas championships in Florida. Now I am sure to come and see the game.

  10. Позорно сыграли Золотые,я поставил на 6 блинов в ворота дырокола,а они в овере слили😮 В четвертой надеюсь кошкам вставят 5 штук,норм 5:2 сыграть😊

  11. NHL gone woke. Bye bye to them. Well done Dbags. You decided to F with this game too.

  12. that would of been insane if they got swept twice lmao

  13. Bobrovsky!! What a guy!! VGK dominated that game for long sections, and he just made sure they stayed in and gave them a chance, which they duly took! How what a difference that OT winner that could be!!

  14. I wonder how Steve Dangle gonna twist this, to insult the french canadian.

  15. кто-нибудь просветите, до ск. побед финал?

  16. Holy cow how many penalties did florida get this game

  17. Can't continue to give Vegas power play opportunities

  18. I haven't watched the games, but what's up with the penalties? Are the Panthers really that bad?

  19. Bobvrosky is the REAL DEAL! He’s the reason the panthers are here!

  20. ,, STRAINED" (barely, with a creak) at home …

    * Again, %80 Bobrovsky, the goalkeeper dragged the team …

    * Tkachuk ! Tkachuk …

    * How long can this go on ?

    I like Vegas better, preferably

    As well as Carolina, Boston, at one time, but …

    * It is psychologically murderous for the opposing team and their fans

    when they are defeated (once again) not by the team but by the goalkeeper …

    * And for me, it is unfair, but…what can you do about it…

  21. Bobrovsky single handedly dragged the dying carcass of a panther to an oasis to survive.

  22. Пантеры с победой!!!!
    Бобровский как всегда вытянул игру.
    Защита у Флориды не на высоте – ошибки не исправлены.
    Болею за вас, но будет не легко.

  23. Adin Hill got so confused on the second goal 😭

  24. The refereeing throughout these playoffs has been pitiful.

  25. As a Leafs fan, congrats on that win Florida

  26. Sorry Panther fans, you scored 1 goal through 3 periods and everyone excited over that ! This was you big home game and all the hoopla, 1 Goal ! VGK played way better even though they lost ! You had 2 minutes of life left ! You had to pull your goalie and get that extra man just to tie up the game ! And everyone thinks you played great, are people delusional or what ! You are so lucky, not skilled, not the better team, not disciplined, lucky ! Overtime absolutely could have gone either way, it very well could have been VGK up 3 -0 and by the looks of things, it should have been !

  27. Panthers needs to stop taking penalties. Discipline hockey and will will the lord stanley cup.

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  29. Florida seemed to play the whole game shorthanded… must stay out of the penalty box if they want to win this series!!

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  31. My opinion is that the Cup will go to Vegas…unfortunately, for me…

  32. Control yourselves Panthers . . . . . . . NO MORE PENALTIES, EH! (or at least not as many,,, poor Bob,, workin' so hard).

  33. Omg the ridiculous calls by the refs in this series is despicable, Vegas has either payed the refs off or the nhl has, either way its gonna be an uphill battle the whole way for the panthers

  34. Gudas, miss a check in the 3rd and almost went inside the penalty box where he belongs. Poor Florida they lost. Game 5. The End.

  35. Atuuuunes en el balcón si nos da el amor 🎶 todo puede fallar

  36. Atuuuunes en el balcón si nos da el amor 🎶 todo puede fallar

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