MONTPELLIER HÉRAULT SC - PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN (1 - 3) - Highlights - (MHSC - PSG) / 2022-2023 -

MONTPELLIER HÉRAULT SC – PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN (1 – 3) – Highlights – (MHSC – PSG) / 2022-2023

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Ligue 1 Uber Eats – Season 2022/2023 – Week 21 STADE DE LA MOSSON ET DU MONDIAL 98 – Wednesday 1 February 2023

Goals : Fabian RUIZ PEÑA (55′ – PSG) / Lionel Andres MESSI CUCCITTINI (72′ – PSG) / Arnaud NORDIN (89′ – MHSC) / Warren ZAIRE-EMERY (90′ +2 – PSG)

MONTPELLIER HÉRAULT SC Team line-up : 9 – Valère GERMAIN /11 – Téji SAVANIER (c) /40 – Benjamin LECOMTE /6 – Christopher JULLIEN /27 – Faitout MAOUASSA /13 – Joris CHOTARD /18 – Leo LEROY /4 – Boubacar Dit Kiki KOUYATE /10 – Stephy Alvaro MAVIDIDI /14 – Maxime ESTEVE /77 – Falaye SACKO

PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN Team line-up : 7 – Kylian MBAPPE /5 – MARQUINHOS (c) /15 – Danilo Luis Helio PEREIRA /99 – Gianluigi DONNARUMMA /2 – Achraf HAKIMI /4 – Sergio RAMOS /30 – Lionel Andres MESSI CUCCITTINI /25 – Nuno Alexandre TAVARES MENDES /17 – Vitor MACHADO FERREIRA /8 – Fabian RUIZ PEÑA /28 – Carlos SOLER BARRAGAN

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  1. Is no one gonna talk about how a 16yr old can look that old?

  2. This league is fun ..
    No any competition 😂😂😂

  3. PSG is on another whole level when they play a system that favors the goat Messi

  4. Mbappe misses penalties a lot. Messi should take the penalty.

  5. You can hear the enthusiasm of the commentator as he commentates the Farmers League😂

  6. 🎯 أرقام ميسي مع باريس في جميع المسابقات الرسمية
    🏟 57 مباراة ⚽️ 25 هدف 🤝 28 اسيست
    🔝 53 مسُاهمة 💫 1 ضربة حرة
    🏆 1 لقب الدوري الفرنسي 🏆 1 لقب كأس السوبر الفرنسي. .

  7. Bon match de messi, ça fait plaisir de voir qu'il n'y a pas qu'avec l'équipe d'argentine qu'il joue très bien.

  8. NOOOOooOo MBAPPE CANT PLAY against Bayern Munich NIOoOooOoo

  9. 👈🇲 🇪 🇸 🇸 🇮🇦🇷  fans 🇮🇳kerala 💪🏻

  10. Mbappe's rebound off the post : free kick against psg

  11. 16 years old? You're allowed to play professional soccer at that age?

  12. why has Hachimi's goal ruled out ?. it didnt make sense

  13. "The ball ALWAYS to Messi" He needs more support from his partners…They sometimes pass by him. Magic happens when he has the ball near by him.

  14. Messi should start taking penalties with immediate effect😤

  15. Well idk if I should say this
    Not everyone is considered as the GOAT

  16. Mbappe is mfff selfish player trying to be better than Messi but no

  17. 💔💔💔☠️☠️🇰🇷🇰🇷

  18. we need arabic and spanish commentators. though you dont understand the language, the emotion is enough. these mofos seem like golf commentators

  19. Siguen sin valorar a Messi …muy bien que deje el PSG …MUY BIEN!!!…así se dan cuenta de lo que perdieron …HAY QUE IRSE DE DONDE NO TE QUIEREN …
    MBAPPE..???…quien es??…QUIEN …ES..???…Ah!! Ya entiendo quieren un PRODUCTO FRANCES…NO???
    Pero hay una gran diferencia ,ni el propio MBAPE puede superar ,ser un genio ..NO ..NO PUEDE SERLO …por 2 o 3 malabarismos con la pelota y correr como un corredor de fondo ya es lo mejor del mundo ???…vamos es evidente la ignorancia sobre fútbol…Pelosi de MARKETING ..Y DINERO …POR LO DEMAS ES IGNORANCIA ..IGNORANCIA ..SOBRE FUTBOL

  20. I've read some comments….. It is true that Messi is leaving PSG????? I can't understand that!!!!!! This season he is prooving to everyone why they call him GOAT.The real problem at PSG is the defense and the fact that their only Idea of attack is getting the ball to Mbape and hope he dribbles everyone and scores.( Whenever Messi is in shooting position, you can't be sure they'll provide him whith a pass…..).

  21. I can not wait tell my team and I'dle L. Messi 👑wins the champions league watch out real the revenge is Nair 😈

  22. Good Day Messi.All boys of Paris Santo Grmen. Blessing from God. Play a game between friends.. Bayern has color of women of these. If they use cheats I will help. Say Mbappe. Our children won Astra great the election in Italy. Your bring well. God protect.

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