Modern: Enduring Ideal Match 3 Games 1 & 2 -

Modern: Enduring Ideal Match 3 Games 1 & 2

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Modern: Enduring Ideal Match 2 Games 1 & 2 vs 12 post


  1. It does have haste but the important clause is on Form of the Dragon which says creature without flying can't attack. That being said… if his opponent had an Emrakul in hand, untapped the two Cloudposts with the Magus, and realized he had to pump that Ratchet Bomb up to 3 to blow up O ring that would've been interesting

  2. Wait weren't you just dead here since primeval titan has haste?

  3. Do you think this deck has actually good matchup against 12post?

  4. @N3cromanc3 Yep, i actually asked that question 2 weks ago

  5. @N3cromanc3 Thats true… anyways i think that enduring ideal deck does nice agianst them… to deal with afinty aura of silence and 1 phyrexian unlife and the match-up is 50/50… and vs zoo if you can cast a blood moon soon enough you have a great advantage…

  6. @N3cromanc3 well i havent played against them many times, but for example i run 7 counters in my deck (3 remand and 4 mana leak ) to disrupt their combo… also for the second match i can sb in my 3 dispell (goryos vengeance is an instant)… i think thats the only answer we have

  7. @astralman
    It does game2. After its cast from suspend it gains haste, and the 12post player could have realistically hit him for lethal.

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