Microsoft Jewel Game Play Walkthrough -

Microsoft Jewel Game Play Walkthrough

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Journey through a whimsical world of jewels with this match 3 puzzle game Microsoft Jewel. Match colorful gems to level up with classic gameplay challenges.
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  1. A frustrating game when you quickly reach a level from which it is impossible to continue. 40K – 70K and 'Out of matches'.

  2. I'm here because I'm able to play it for free to earn Microsoft points on the Xbox app on my phone.Feels satisfying getting those combos. And the music is so soothing.

  3. No instructions on how to play this game. Asinine.

  4. What a useless video – watching someone else play this game; no instructions, no commentary, no strategies outlined.

  5. Take this video down, it is super-stupid! F as in Fail, D as in Dumb!

  6. useless. explain points, levelling up etc not just watch me play with myself

  7. I agree, useless as can be. I cannot find what some of the jewels do, how to trigger them, like those black things that look like helmets.

  8. This is oddly similar to jewel shuffle by Arkadium.

  9. Damn, this game is literally just Bejeweled

  10. Not really a walkthrough – just someone playing the game. Was looking for an explanation.

  11. Anybody know what the black jewels are for? Thought I might get the answer here…..clearly the video has no explanation.

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