Merlin and Match 3 Gems Games (by Kristina Bogdanova) IOS Gameplay Video (HD) -

Merlin and Match 3 Gems Games (by Kristina Bogdanova) IOS Gameplay Video (HD)

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Help Merlin to solve mystery puzzles, find hidden objects and merge gems in this beautiful match-3 game. Learn new spells, cast magic and craft enchanted power-ups that will help you to progress through the story full of secrets and mystery. Grow Tree of Life or collect gold in your Treasury.
Download Merlin and Match 3 Gems and experience the best puzzle game with spells and magic.

Tired of match-3 games where you have to collect candies, cookie, jam or cakes over and over? Merge gems instead! Diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, boy this puzzle game is rich!
With these treasures you could rebuild any mansion or garden easily, but who would spend magic jewels on such things when you can discover new spells, ancient scrolls with enchantments, power-ups and mystery books.

And on top of that comes an old good story with wizard Merlin and young witch Morgana on their quest in a kingdom of Camelot.
Download Merlin and Match 3 Gems now, discover the truth behind the ancient curse and find a way to save the fantasy world.

– Cast Thunder spells or call for a Dragon – exciting magic helps you solve puzzles.
– Candles, mystery fog, orbs of power and many more special objects to match on the magic board.
– Collect gold and find hidden objects in your own Treasury.
– Merge gems and create magic power-ups with beautiful effects.
– Grow Tree of Life that gives you more lives!
– Experience a breathtaking story in a fantasy world with wizards, witches, dragons and epic quests.
– Best soundtrack.

Note. Merlin and Match 3 Gems is a free match-3 game, but you can purchase in-game items with real money or watch free videos. It’s not necessary, but you may want to support the developer so we could add more features, spells, and levels to this game.


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