Matcho (a Match-3 FPS) - Official Announcement Trailer -

Matcho (a Match-3 FPS) – Official Announcement Trailer

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Matcho is a narrative-driven, action-adventure match-3 first-person shooter (we’d bet those words have never been strung all together before!) where you, as Max, must make your way through the Unreal Engine-powered world making match-3’s as you go. Matcho is in the works from developer FiolaSoft for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.


  1. For people who don't know this game is in the same universe as their previous game Blackhole.

  2. Equally cringey and extremely intriguing. Kinda wanna play. Bravo.

  3. really an alien invasion of portal robots??? Boring

  4. Heavy Max Steel/Action Man vibes. LOVE IT.

  5. These character animations sure are something

  6. This looks like the art director was an algorithm from 2002.

  7. seems alright. But getting ME; Andromeda vibes rn

  8. "….figure it out together"
    uhh,sir is somefrom u guys going to be last boss???🙄

  9. The story/acting looks worse than Food Fight

  10. The facial animations could use some work but overall the game looks great !

  11. 0:14 Who is the voice actor of that scientist in white? That voice sounds familiar

  12. no vypadá to skvěle, ještě ty animace postav a obličejů a bude to perfektní ❤

  13. personally the characters look revolting but, the environment and the voice acting look and sound amazing.

  14. This looks like early 2000s cartoon network CGI series

  15. The animation looks incredible, can't wait to see more!

  16. Facial animations are meh. But, the concept is awsome

  17. These characters look and talk like those terrible 3d cartoon pornos.

  18. OH boy those character models are…something

  19. The game concept looks interesting, and the environments look fantastic! The character design, animation and voice over could all use another iteration though. This looks like it has the potential to be a great game, it's just a shame anything around the characters looks so rough.

  20. Easily one of the worst artstyle in video game history. This is absolutely atrocious

  21. What's up with everyone's eyes being insanely dilated? lol

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