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Match Marbles 6 – Match 3 Games – iWin

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Match Marbles 6 is a unique game that combines the Match3 and Marble Popper genres. Nobody knows when or how this began. The sky turned bright red and orange. White hot rock fragments began to fall on occasion. Even inside the castle, the smell of burning is detectable. Be cautious; while this is beautiful, it is also dangerous. Prepare to demonstrate your tactical prowess. Investigate this enigmatic location. Your time is not restricted. Take your time thinking as you create chip combinations and overcome all obstacles on your way to victory! Make use of the chaos! Armageddon and Golden Armageddon are two new destructive bonuses added to the game.

– 135 challenging levels
– New game objects: Armageddon and Golden Armageddon.
– Use a variety of strategies to win
– Play with no time limits

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