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Match 3 games are extremely popular apps. You’ll see why in this video. These games attract millions of loyal players.

Match 3 games are fun! Score by lining up two, three, or more of the same images next to each other. That’s the simple gameplay. It’s that easy.

Hugh Smith from demonstrates five match 3 game apps offered by Quikthinking Software. These 5 free games don’t have in-app purchases or full screen ads so you get a full enjoyable experience with your free download.

We use two different styles in our games. Swipe to score (iOS versions), or touch to score (Android).

Match 3 games don’t just have to use candy, jewels or fruit. You’ll see what we mean as our games drop backpacks, pizza, burgers, Thanksgiving, spaceships, and political caricatures.

Of the five games below, which one do you think is the most popular?

Match 3 Games Featured in the video:
Backpack Bounce (Android):
Thanksgiving (iOS & Android):
Donald Crushed (Android):
Pizza Burger (iOS & Android:
Spaceship (Android):

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