Match-3 Games Tips and Tricks - A Strategy Tutorial Guide with Hints 2019 -

Match-3 Games Tips and Tricks – A Strategy Tutorial Guide with Hints 2019

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In this video you can learn a few different ways to create power-ups, and learn strategies that can help you beat the most challenging levels! Read on as well for additional tips and strategy below for match 3 games.

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Match 3 games are pretty straightforward to play usually. However, take a moment to think about all the times you have played. We’re pretty sure you’ll be able to recall getting stuck and running out of matches. Or how about all the times you tried to beat your high score (or someone else’s) but just couldn’t?

Surprisingly, there is some method to the puzzle madness that can be Match 3, which can help prevent board lock-ups and get you that higher score to bump your friends from their thrones. 🙂

By improving your over all strategy and matching skills, you may find you’re able to improve the overall gameplay and progress faster than your competitors.

Match 3 Tip #1: Create and Destroy – Methodically

This tip may seem a bit obvious, but go for the matches that will give you the highest amount of points as often as you can. Matching four is better than three; five is even better, etc. But did you know that matching horizontally increases the likelihood of forming another combo immediately after creating one? So when you are faced with the decision to create horizontally versus vertically, go with the horizontal combo.

Match 3 Tip #2: Anticipating and Planning with Location

It’s very common in Match 3 games to settle for matches wherever you spot them to start creating combos. Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding the largest matches and going for it.

All of these approaches will work, but if you can, try and create matches as low on the board as possible. The lower, the better. This causes a larger shift in the items that are already on the board, and will results in a greater “cascade” effect. This is the best strategy for creating combos and opening up more space on the board for new jewels that may help you rack up more points.

Hopefully these Match 3 tips and hints will help you on your puzzle journey and develop stronger gameplay strategy as you progress.

Get Gem Blast Match 3 here and practice practice practice 🙂

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