Make A Simple Match-3 Game In Godot! *New Course* -

Make A Simple Match-3 Game In Godot! *New Course*

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Make a simple match-3 game in Godot!

Zooblocks is a quick, simple little puzzle game where players try and clear as many tiles as possible by selecting groups of three or more concurrent tiles.

What will you learn?

In this course you’ll learn how to make games like this using godot’s built in physics engine and node system. We’ll be making this as simple as possible by focusing on declarative coding techniques. For example, we won’t be telling tiles to move down, we’ll let gravity do that for us.Some of the things we’ll cover include;

+ Using scene inheretence to work from a single tile template to make many individual tiles.
+ Writing a simple script to pick scenes and files from a directory so that you can select some at random.
+ Setting up a randomized playspace with as many types of tiles as you like+ Using Rigidbodies and buttons to make tiles.
+ Having each tile check to see if its four neighbours are the same type when pressed.
+ Using pinjoints to make googly eyes.
+ …and much more!

If you’re looking to make simple match 3 games, or want to see how godot’s nodes and physics engine can simplify your games creation process, why not take the Zooblocks course today?

Want to play Zooblocks to find out if it’s for you?Then you can! Download it for free on for Windows, Mac and Linux!

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