Magnus Carlsen arrives 2.30 mins late for a 3 minute game | World Blitz 2022 -

Magnus Carlsen arrives 2.30 mins late for a 3 minute game | World Blitz 2022

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It was drama time at the first round of World Blitz 2022, Magnus Carlsen arrived 2 and a half minutes late for a minute game against GM Vladislav Kovalev. What happened next? Did Magnus win his game? Why was he late in the first place? Check out this video to find out.

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  1. Magnus Crushed Kovalevs ego there. Giving time odds on the low and winning. That is Bobby Fischer tendencies all the way.

  2. Why is Magnus always late. Did he do it on purpose just to boast he can play speedier chess?

  3. The way magnus adjusts his peoces before tapping the watch gives me anxiety

  4. Respecting the disrespect of adjusting pieces before hitting the timer despite already being behind 😂 twice too lmfao.

  5. Did Kovalev purposely wasted so much of his time?

  6. Resign = shake hands.
    Draw = shake hands.

    Chess supposed to be about logic.

  7. my man hit the snooze button four too many times. been there ;-;

  8. His opponent was so weak, i am shocked that that his rating is 2500

  9. honey you have blitz to play… oohhh come on can i sleep 2 more minutes?

  10. Such huge confidence,even though he is late he still make sure that every piece is at the centre of the square 😮

  11. Can someone explain why the timer seems to go up quite a bit

  12. World's second best player
    Late magnus
    Wait what did i wrote 💀

  13. Kov damn full respect for making that fair

  14. Magnus literally wasted almost 3 seconds just REARRANGING his pieces at 3:36! really legend!

  15. Wait pls explain to me how he gets 1 sec per move + i dont understand how that is posible. Wtf 1:56 he started with 32 and got to 35.????

  16. He's ranked over 250 higher, if he had ten seconds left he still should have managed a win.

  17. Who else watched the clock the whole game?

  18. Now this is just great sportsmanship. Kovalev arguing that they shouldn't start the clock and wait for Magnus, him running down the clock to make the game fair, and even getting into a quick endgame! Mad respect. Magnus won the game, but Kovalev won hearts and respect.

  19. Is Magnus cheating?… Why is he running like there is a thing in his anus? It took longer in insert than expected and he arrives late, only to win the match is on his own. He keeps adjusting himself and hiding from the camera. Yet again, readjusting while wearing pajama pants. How uncomfortable are you, Magnus? Tugs at his pants, downwards and then hide his face again. Finally able to start to control his breathing. Looks away is he solves it. Maybe only got 3 helpful moves from that thing in his butt, but he won. Unless, he doesn't know how to run?

  20. I cant even move that fast playing myself

  21. 10 seconds left in total, game still lasts two and a half minutes 😀

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  23. Anyone can explain the final move.. how consider lose,…

  24. They played a whole game of chess, shook hands twice and didn’t look each other in the eye once.

  25. That was so intense. It was like my end game in Connect 4!

  26. He did that on purpose. noway it was because of traffic. this was so much just a pr stunt.

  27. Guys do you know where magnus is from if you do please comment on where he is fun and plies can you give me some likes

  28. i love the sudden frantic noise of people slamming clocks at the end.

  29. What that formation players built after game on the board? Queens off, kings centered… please advise …

  30. 3:24
    oh, come on! he had to line them up before the end of the turn!
    8:32 that face on Mc – sorry, i can do better…

    Speechless…what gentlemen…thats why i love chess!
    Keep it coming, guys! You are the best!

  31. No one gonna talk about how good kovalev was at fidgeting with the pawn. Forget pen spinning this is pawn spinning.

  32. Is that Fabiano Caruana playing in the background? Poor boy, no attention.

  33. he was not late he was calculating the whole game and then he came and just win

  34. Alot of people are talking about the sportsmanship and yeah sure he didn't bring "down the time" to all who said he did it too think even tho it's blitz very high rated who don't need that much opening time. But think it like this. He wants to make it a little more fair, but it's Magnus Carlsen still, it's the world champion. And also the rules, Magnus fault coming late but his apponent still wants to try a little to make a it fairer, not the most fair, just more fair. So I hope this stop this conflict, and yes it is good sportsmanship indeed.

  35. What he said at the end was: «i got stuck in trafic, and it was lucky because the round got a little postponed. Now im gonna go change and hopefully be ready for the next match»

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