MAD vs T1 - Game 3 | Round 1 LoL MSI 2023 Main Stage | Mad Lions vs T1 G3 full game -

MAD vs T1 – Game 3 | Round 1 LoL MSI 2023 Main Stage | Mad Lions vs T1 G3 full game

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MSI 2023 T1 vs MAD G3 Lol eSports Mid-Season Invitational 2023 – T1 vs Mad Lions Game 3. MSI 2023 T1 vs MAD VOD.
2023 MSI full playlist:
League of Legends Season 13 Mid-Season Invitational in London.
Third game of the day – Mad Lions vs T1 vs best of 5 Game 3. MAD vs T1 G3.

Mad Lions Line-up:
Chasy – top Ksante
Elyoya – jungle Lee Sin
Nisqy – mid Twisted Fate
Carzzy – ADC Ezreal
Hylissang – support Annie

T1 Line-up:
Zeus – Top Sion
Oner – Jungle Maokai
Faker – Mid Ahri
Gumayusi – ADC Jinx
Keria – Support Tahm Kench

Patch: 13.8 – Season 13 (Yuumi and Milio disabled)
Game date: 10.05.2023 | 05/10/2023 | May 10th 2023
Game place: London, UK
Casters: Kobe, Cronicler and QuickShot

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2023 MSI Main playlist:
2023 MSI full playlist:

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  1. huh didnt know this game had a professional speedrunning category :O

  2. MAD denying TI the Baron on Game 3 was pure genius.

  3. T1 was tilted from their performance in the first match and had to make a statement 😂😂

  4. 17:21 up until here t1 had a 4k gold lead and only 1 tower taken, if t1 bounties were all claimed by mad they would be just about 2k behind
    in 4 minutes t1 is going to destroy enemy nexus
    19:33 2 minutes, things still doesn't seem lost, a lot of the map is still up, advantage is stable at 4k
    20:43 1 minute and a half, who could guess they would just wipe everything off the best european team in 90 seconds

  5. That's not mad lions that's MAD DOGS 😂

  6. NA and EU teams dont stand a chance against T1. They were playing with their food for the first 2 games, then went for blood with the Faker Ahri pick. I don't understand how people don't see that all of these games were over in champ select. GEN vs T1 MSI 2k23, you heard it here.

  7. Keira is not happy man, he’s not wanting a repeat of last year

  8. This is the most ego pick oriented BO5 i've ever watched.

  9. Is it me or is the audio a little off at the pick-ban section?

  10. This caster so freakin bad, didn't react any hype and always look late lol

  11. Bad lions were so bad. And the fact they won the LEC. Thats saying something about the level of the LEC. They are preysing Nisqy what high level he is playing, but in matter affect, the LEC is just bad. Yes T1 is good but mad showed nothing on the stage.

  12. Thanks for updating the highlights… oh wait

  13. That Jinx Tahm Keria Guma feels like 100% wr despite alle Meta vhanges and despite being in final or in any circumstance hahah

  14. الالة الكورية لا تمزح في lol😂

  15. And then they get roasted on twitter replies weakass comeback deletes and says "I don't want any problems"

  16. Quickshot was emphasizing the wrong word in his commentary. Instead of:

    "LCK's *second seed* takes down LEC's first seed"

    he should have emphasized

    "LCK's second seed takes down *LEC's* first seed"

    It's LCK and LEC we're comparing here, not ranking. Even LCK's 4th place team would rip Mad Lions up 🤣

  17. Yo karma for what nisqy did to agurin back last season, wont forget this he doesnt deserve a thing. Showed peak douche behavior

  18. t1 gonna smoke everyone til finals. easily the best team in the world til finals hits lol

  19. Comentators obviously T1 fans, disgusting

  20. The video is only 22 minutes. Im sure it doesnt include draft, right?

  21. Had time to stand up, make a coffee, sit down and the game was over.

  22. The full length of game 3 was shorter than it's highlughts lmao

  23. @riot – Sion is still perfectly balanced.

  24. Zeus gap, why let him do that level 1?
    Seems like everyone but MAD knew what was coming.

  25. T1 showing MAD how to properly utilise early lead to a snowball.

  26. The only good thing from this match is knowing that even in professional games, there are top laners such as in minutes 21:21 that would split push when their base is quite literally on fire 🤦🏻‍♂️

  27. T1 looking strong vs Wildcard regions can't wait to see how they do vs other LCK teams.

  28. Even better stat for guma — he started in game 1, 1-5. After going 1-5, after game 3 he was 27-2 lol

  29. Sometimes I forget how long league games are 💀

  30. Literally all the tournaments are always Koreans or Chinese teams. T1 always top dog

  31. I'm having flashbacks to the old laneswap meta. 4 man bot side crashing the wave as bot lane hasn't even hit level 2.

  32. T1 just turned this match into a Highlight reel basically lmao.

  33. Mom: Go to bed you have school tomorrow.

    Me: Okay but can I watch one more MSI game?

    Mom: Okay but if it’s longer than 17 minutes I will take away your PC.

    Me: Okay. opens up Mad vs T1 game 3

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