MAD vs FNC Highlights ALL GAMES | LEC Summer Playoffs GRAND FINAL | MAD Lions vs Fnatic -

MAD vs FNC Highlights ALL GAMES | LEC Summer Playoffs GRAND FINAL | MAD Lions vs Fnatic

Kaza LoL LCS Highlights
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MAD vs FNC Highlights Game 1, Game 2, Game 3, Game 4, Game 5, ALL GAMES | LEC Summer Playoffs GRAND FINAL | MAD Lions vs Fnatic

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  1. So why did MAD int in the regular split if they could just do THAT????!!

  2. To quote a wrestling legend: "To be the man, you gotta beat the man."

    MAD Lions definitely earned their stripes on not only being back-to-back LEC champions, but also beating an old king.
    Next Stop: Worlds. (Or technically a walk to the studio)

  3. Kaiser is just amazing he is always in the middle of the fight.

  4. I think mad deserve to be champion 2nd time their performance better than fnc. I don't want to say that fnc played bad

  5. Pausenatic could've win if they utilize their secret strategy

  6. Props to MAD for winning, we can clearly see that there mental is strong. EU should be proud both MAD and FNC going into Worlds.

    On the other hand. We can clearly see FNC weak side, if enemy exploits top, all Fnc lanes are affected. Hopefully they can review that.

  7. Congrats MAD on winning the LEC 2021 Summer Split

  8. Really expecting great worlds for MAD. They only lost 1 BO5 the entire year and it was a 3-2 against DWG.

  9. Adam under performing the whole game. haha! experience gain and dont get to cocky all the time. be humble you are still young and with the roster. GG Fnc im a fan but u they been clap all series. If you have anything with me just watch their post fights interview. Good luck on Worlds. 🙂

  10. We all in EU no matter what team we support should be proud of a team like MAD Lions. They are so fun to watch and I really belive they will do great at world's. G2 fan here and I wish all the best to our EU teams. GO 🇪🇺

  11. Top gap was huge Adam got smurfed on but I think Adam has huge upside for future of FNC.

  12. I think when Fnatic started to lose is when bwipo sa forcing so many engages and not resetting, or even waiting for his teammates. Which btw mad lions are already 5 man strong and Fnatic is not in place to respond into bwipo's engages. They keep on forcing and inting hoping they'll find a pick or a skirmish where they would take an advantage but it backfired them on their aggression.

  13. People really thought that Fnatic could win

  14. Adam smurfed on Wunder vs G2
    Armut smurfed on Adam in the finals

  15. Man I cant stress this enough, Armut is such a beast, fck i love G2 but they don't deserve worlds this year,
    I hope MAD would do Europe proud this worlds!

  16. Cant pick a mvp everyone played great

  17. Since all u nuggets appreciating only MAD why dont u all appreciate great league of legends?! Instead watching stops and clean games…we could see a lot of action and a lot of fun in these games… unlike era of G2 :)✌️im proud of FNC with Adam as newbie ..and also congratulations to MAD you guys play insane! Hope these two representatives will show up at worlds!!

  18. Gg mad lions. Bettet team won, but fnc did very well too, bwipo's rookie season as a jungler and adam as well. At the beginning people were saying that either mad or fnc wouldn't make to worlds but first and second seed for those team. Well done fnc final was already success. good luck on worlds.

  19. mad lions banning tf, g2 should learn about that 🙂

  20. i am honestly suprised Fnatik with their only early game picks and style get so far. If u ban TF and ryze from nisqy he does nothing. If u take viego and ban trudnle Bwipo is as usless as he is whole sesson bot wihout 3 wining lanes. I feel for Adam tho rookie vs such a good player Armut is and his jungle is either afk or in enemy jungle. Propos to MAd tho i feel like they can get out of group stage in worlds. On the other hand i rly want to see Fnatik try to win game in 20 min with trundle tf vs korean teams it will be hilarius.

  21. As a fnc fan since 2015 im really happy what the boys did in this lower bracket run, im really proud, give me great memories.Also im glad for MAD for doing this great, banger series im really glad for them too. Looking forward for this Worlds!

  22. I was getting soloQ anxiety watching LB farming alone on top and nobody could stop her

  23. Adam so bad whole series.. Armut is on another lvl, he should learn from him.

  24. Fntc need Reckless now more than everytime…

  25. MAD Lions came out of nowhere and started fuckin up shit in the LEC

  26. GGWP to Mad Lions and FNC. LEC is improved a lot this year.

  27. I was honestly disappointed that G2 dropped out, but after seeing MAD's progress this season, I'm super excited for them to lead Europe to Worlds!

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