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LeBron James & Anthony Davis talks Game 3 loss, Full Postgame Interview

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Denver Nuggets vs Los Angeles Lakers – Full Game 3 Highlights | April 25, 2024 | 2024 NBA Playoffs

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  1. Its a sad world man these clowns up here making hundreds of millions asking for 60 million a year lmfao and can't win one game against a franchise that Kobe never lost to. Different times different heart yall ain't got it bro. Yall deserve pay based on wins cuz if that was the case yall don't deserve a damn penny sad bro smfh!

  2. This is probably the last time we are seeing D'Angelo in this team

  3. Tell the guys who are betting millions on y’all to win or cover the spread it’s just basketball

  4. Nuggets will give them a win in game 4 …. For giggles.

  5. People heard the last “it’s just basketball” statement and disregarded everything that was said prior smh

  6. I will never understand why these interviews are even necessary. News people asking stupid questions

  7. if people just now watching nba for the first time they would believe you how innocent you sound here but unfortunately everyone knows how selfish you play this game and you fake a lot of times and you do your best to show that no one else matters in that team but you! Basketball got you out of the streets and you giving your kids opportunity to play it and it means a lot to you in many many reasons! Just be a good man for once and stop being fake and bad person! It don’t look good on you! If you ask Jokic about it, the guy with so much talent and great personality will tell you honestly about basketball and he can be one of the guys to say this but not you!!
    You taking it so serious but also you lying to your self first and everyone else! Find what’s not good about you so you can change it on the court and with your teammates!

  8. "Lebron where do you rank this denver team as far as toughest teams you faced?"

    Well has lebron lost 11 straight games to any other team? 🤔

  9. How is EVERYONE taking "it's just basketball" so out of context? People would fully agree with him if they just listened to the question

  10. For all the people that said “listen to the whole quote “… I did. And it’s just as bad

  11. Bro there is no way losers are running with that quote after watching the whole response lmaoo wth

  12. Lebron haters just invent ways to hate on him, but they're just idiots… at the end of they're just idiots 🤷🏽‍♂️

  13. lol i’ve been saying this when i lose in pickup lately

  14. These 2 are just disappointments to the NBA. No accountability at all.

  15. I see a lot of accountability here lol

  16. just basketball?😂😂😂 its your god damn bread and butter, just basketball? you out of love to the game bro

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