KNITTENS Cute Cats & Match 3 Fun Gameplay | Free Cats Game For Kids -

KNITTENS Cute Cats & Match 3 Fun Gameplay | Free Cats Game For Kids

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Grab your kitty treats and knitting needles! Knittens is here – a match 3 puzzle adventure that combines 2 things we all love: Cats and MATCHING!

Match colorful balls of yarn, use sweet boosts for bigger scores, and gather fish cookies for the special kitten of your choice!

Your cat needs your help! Complete match 3 puzzles and use fur-TASTIC boosts to get high scores and earn bundles of yarn. You’ll need it! Your cat needs you to knit an array of PURRFECT clothing in order to complete special event quests that will make them the most fabulous feline. Each completed puzzle brings you closer to unique patterns to knit and clothing for your cat to wear.


Furry Match 3 fun!
-Mesmerizing puzzles with eye-popping pieces to match. Match 3 or more pieces for unique boosts that haven’t been seen before
-Match BIG to collect more yarn! Your cat’s clothing will look the best the more yarn you can get

Customize your cat!
-Choose a cat to begin your matching adventure! Gather yarn and make the coolest outfits to wear.
-Collect knitting patterns by completing Match 3 puzzles. Keep knitting to fill up your clothing trunk

Attend special events in-game!
-Knitting is a must! Your cat gets to attend special events if they wear the right clothing. Each event gets you an exclusive ticket!
-Gather as many tickets as you can to travel to other unique worlds

Get your paws on terrific boosts!
-From kitty toys, to fish cookies, to aerosol cans…use boosts to get 3 stars in puzzles
-Earn toys and accessories during gameplay that your cat will LOVE you for!

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  2. This app is broken but no one cares. I have tried so many ways to send feedback but no one cares. Emails to bounces back. Unable to submit a ticket on their designated site. No way to leave feedback or comments within the app. All Help and such buttons give error messages. I thought they had just trashed this app but then there was an upgrade in June but it did NOT fix the problem because the developers don't KNOW there is a problem and they have not given users ANY WAY of reporting it. The camera tool in the app does not work. Since the April 30th upgrade I lost my in app photo album and any time I try to take a picture it says, "Can't save picture". This was working before the upgrade. I would like to report this but there is no where to do it.

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