Kitten Match: Play match-3 with cute cats -

Kitten Match: Play match-3 with cute cats

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Welcome to Kitten Match!
Here you can design and decorate mansion with lovely talking cats by solving match-3 puzzles!
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  2. Это настолько мило что даже русские офигевают😳

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  4. Aaaaaaaaaa you to see me when you get a new home

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  7. the kitten that climes up the stairs is sad but if ou go deeper more fun happy easter

  8. Awwh cookie swirl c likes kitten match shes my sus

  9. Hiper súper tierno me alegra que lo

  10. This hallowen this game not bad

  11. Russian say bad lets dislike Russian

  12. kitty is soo cute im only downloding it cause of de cat

  13. If you didn't know kittens are my favorite cat animal and I don't care and you just want them I want the game and all of them in the world I know the world world world

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  15. Спасибо за три в ряд очень хорошая игра топовая мы логика и где

  16. Happy New Year everyone hope your kitties have fun too

  17. I have tons of free time and imma a wayy better video maker😂😂😂😂

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  20. El juego como le dicen la Play Store es un asqueroso juego en vez de que le peguemos el gato no se asqueroso gato no no no no lo instalen

  21. The ads: cute
    The ads from kitten match: dumb but outro is match
    The ads 2 from kitten match: save the kittens!
    The ads 3 from kitten match: worst ad with best ending

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