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JDG vs KT – Game 3 | Quarter Finals LoL Worlds 2023 | JD Gaming vs KT Rolster – G3 full

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full game KT vs JDG G3 lol worlds 2023 Quarter finals – KT Rolster vs JD Gaming Game 3. of Season 13 lol eSports World Championship 2023 in Korea.
LoL eSports S13 WORLDS 2023 Playoffs – JD Gaming vs KT Rolster Day 9 | League of Legends Worlds 2023 KT vs JDG VOD 1080p Full HD.
Third match of the day – KT Rolster vs JD Gaming best of 5 Game 3.
JDG vs KT G3 full game in HD 1080p.

JD Gaming Line-up:
369 – Top Aatrox
Kanavi – Jungle Wukong
knight – Mid Orianna
Ruler – ADC Sivir
Missing – Support Rakan

KT Rolster line-up:
Kiin – Top Jax
Cuzz – Jungle Rell
BDD – Mid Azir
Aiming – Bot Xayah
Lehends – Support Nautilus

Patch: 13.19 – Season 13
Game date: 4.11.2023 | 11/4/2023 | November 4th 2023
Game place: KBS Arena, Korea
Casters: Atlus, Cronicler and Dagda

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  1. Spoiler block. Thanks for the upload speed.

  2. Kin missing missing in that river fight and coming in so late was the nail

  3. 2023 Worlds Playoffs Playlist: https://bit.ly/49imm7P

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  4. 搞农产品的国企,期货市场还参一手,怎么玩都赚。 有些农产品想抬价格又没天灾,他们就自己烧掉几个仓库,直线拉涨,期货市场做多。 比如前几年的苹果

  5. kiin made a mistake to farm the bot lane, they realized and collpsed causing the game

  6. This game is dead to China. Chinese people ruin everything…

  7. Why do we pretend wukong isn't strong enough to be pick or ban every game?

  8. I did not know any of KT's player and Im impressed, they put up a great fight!

  9. how is kt losing this tf… lehends went in when his mid and top were away from team fighting do they comunicate?? it was almost a 2 vs 4 tf how do you go for that?..

  10. Once again cuzz is the inting kind he’s trash like the worst jg I’ve ever seen. He use to int T1 every game. Koreans also are some of the dumbest drafters of all time. Like a bronze player can draft better. They only go for comfort picks and don’t ban the comfort picks of other teams

  11. SKT Dynasty still alive, hopefully not, i mean give other team some chances dude.

  12. Jax threw so hard. He’s never there for anything

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