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I Made the Same Game in 8 Engines

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Games Featured:
A Short Hike
Hollow Knight
The Demise of Flappy Bird

Gears 5
Octopath Traveler
Street Fighter 5
Hogwarts Legacy

The Ballad of Bonky
Dome Keeper
A Most Extraordinary Gnome
Fist of the Forgotten

Hyper Light Drifter
Katana Zero

Small Saga
There is no Game
Guinea Pig Parkour

Ball Challenge 2
Spent Shells
Gods From the Abyss

Lisa: The Painful
To the Moon

Snail Platformer
Paper Minecraft
Micro Kingdom
Color Swipe: Jungle!


  1. Sheesh, this guy must have a very outdated Hardware if he is having such problem running things.

  2. “I couldn’t find any commercial games made with Construct”

    There is No Game: Am I a joke to you?!

    Oh wait, it can’t be a commercial game if it’s not a game, can it? Nvm

    Unless of course Wrong Dimension was made with a different game engine???

    Also, this vid was very helpful for me, tysm!

  3. I love your Intro….
    I love your Intro….
    I love your Intro….
    I love your Intro….
    I love your Intro….
    I love your Intro….
    I love your Intro….
    I love your Intro….
    I love your Intro….
    I love your Intro….
    I love your Intro….
    I love your Intro….

  4. Next video: I'm making my own game engine on Windows, Mac, Linux and Casio Calculators

  5. I like that he has a positive thing to say about every engine. We need more people like this.

  6. Is it just me, or is unity looking kinda THICCCCCC

  7. Unreal Engine Study Hall with Professor Ben Blau says:

    I’m struggling to understand how you learned Unreal Engine, Blueprint scripting, UMG Widgets, and packaging in just one hour. I don’t see how that’s possible, especially if it was your first time using Unreal. A seasoned Unreal user could do it. But this was your first time, and it took you one hour, start to finish? It would take most people a lot more than an hour to even become aware of Widgets, much less their implementation! Are you a Soong-type android? 🤓

  8. try torque 2d or 3d engine, is heaven.

  9. Most mobile games are made with Unity, including Mobile-legends, but most mobile games are Pay-2-Win.

    Mobile Legends was not, but nowadays has many different Pay-2-Win perks;
    Or, why else you think ping only gets red near the "enemy with 20$ skin who has 20% HP remaining" ???
    Or, you think same lane and same minions giving paying players more gold is normal and fair???

    Google and Apple take 40% of App incomes, which's one of the reasons there are so many Pay-2-Win games.

  10. In scratch use turbowarp it allows physic and more blocks for a easier and more capable game.

  11. This man is a true genius, I going to do the same too and die from overload information

  12. You should've included roblox studio. When i googled "how many daily users does roblox have" the first ansfer said 66million, the second one said 22million and the third said 43million. Just to make my point: i dont know exactly how popular roblox is but it is pretty popular i think.

  13. I just started construct 3 today because it's like the most EASIEST game engine I know. well… As I heard. And I am having a good time with it.

  14. Unity + Unreal have lots of assets. You need one of those for most srs projects. Unreal programmers are all insane. Godot is rad in theory, but there's no assets. If you have assets, it's amazing. Gamemaker/RPGmaker are ez to use but very limited. Scratch is garbage and I hate everything about it. Never heard of the others.

  15. idc what anyone says rpgmaker is goated im currently making a very low quality game in rpgmakermz but can confirm unlike my game, the engine is very high quality 🗿

  16. How do you script de bag following from top in Unity?

  17. I never even heard of Unity before. I thought Unreal was pretty much the only one used in mainstream games.

  18. And here I am as a indie dev just trying to make my 1st game yet this man is making the same game 8 times in multiple engines

  19. Do LittleBigPlanet and Dreams too sometime, is Project Spark even still around? Roblox and Fortnite too? Is the FarCry editor strong enough to make a catching minigame?

  20. Unity and RenPy seem to be the most popular.

  21. well, Unity seems to have exploded their user base (or will, if they do charge a fee for every installation like they said they will)

  22. Everyones going to dump unity now lol

  23. I like how he kinda bobs his head at the beggining lol XD

  24. Hey, tell me more about Engines that aren't Unity, please 🙂

  25. I'm guessing this video is gonna receive a lot more views now due to recent events

  26. Honestly, this is solid insight into different tools available for people like me who have no experience or knowledge on game code and development but want to make a game. Keep up the awesome work!

  27. 7:09 just wanna point out that coding and programming are different things. You can do programming without coding. Coding is to programing what typing is to writing.

  28. Hi fellow unity refugees. This was pretty informative. I was dead-set on Godot or Unreal for this migration but gamemaker and scratch look pretty interesting

  29. remove unity from the list please……they are starving

  30. I remember being a kid trying to make a bleach anime game with the BYOND engine. You should try that one. Its 2d games.

  31. After reading the news on the whole shit Unity is doing, Unity is obviously not an engine you want to use anymore regardless on its easy skill. Your other engines are the ones to use today.

  32. Well I guess at least now we can scratch unity off of the list.

  33. This influx of devs after unity's failure is gonna propel Godot's development speed alot. Looking forward to it.

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