How to create match3 game with JavaScript and PixiJS -

How to create match3 game with JavaScript and PixiJS

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In this video, we will create a match3 game using JavaScript and PixiJS.

Text version:
Step-by-step guide on Udemy:
Complete source code:
Preview demo:


  1. Это 2 видео которое я нашол😂❤

  2. Excellent! Thank you for sharing this very useful content! I wanted to ask you: Do you think that knowledge of pixi.js is currently in demand?

  3. Hi @gamedevland,
    Really like your content.
    But can you please use latest version of PIXI which is 7.0.4 and typescript,
    for the tutorials.
    Because latest pixi has changes in loader and also most devs are likely to use typescript rather than plain javascript.
    Otherwise your content is awesome, just hoping for the above mentioned update, Keep up the good work.

  4. Just for you to kow when I use a copy of an image for instance cat.png and cat.copy.png the Loader breaks and does not load anymore images at all.

  5. yo, nice tutorial. Please keep on posting more 🙂

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