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Helga the Viking Warrior 2: Ivar’s Revenge – Match 3 Games – iWin

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Helga has finally found peace after the wars she previously waged against her adversaries. A new agreement with the king has given the Vikings land in England, and she is among those who have settled down to start a new life. Unfortunately, this tranquillity will not endure… When a hero is killed as a result of betrayal, Helga and the young Viking chieftain Ivar face new adversaries and overwhelming odds. Ivar is adamant about defeating his opponents by whatever means necessary, and he begins assembling an army. But is it wise to join forces with him in this war? And what happens once the two sides have collided in battle?

– A thrilling adventure of a Viking warrior
– Challenging match-3 puzzles to solve
– 20 upgrades to unlock as Helga pursues her mission
– New characters to meet and locations to visit
– 5 chapters to enjoy alongside a legendary Viking warrior

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