Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Lakers Game 3 Full Highlights | 2023 WCSF | FreeDawkins -

Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Lakers Game 3 Full Highlights | 2023 WCSF | FreeDawkins

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  1. So many goddamn whistles.. League really wants to be involved in this one. Why don't you take your board of directors and your marketing team and f*** off and let the games play out

  2. This worriors team is the most cry baby and the most dertiest I have ever seen going to 2015 till now…Draymond should have been ejected and moodey with the catch of AD could have end his knee! I hope this trash team will be out of the playoffs. The only one with class is Curry

  3. lebron looked so dead at the start??? Tired right out the gate

  4. A little details could make a big difference. only If GSW kept their lead in 2nd qtr, it would ve been a different story.

  5. Rui Hachimura been showing us some good shit lately

  6. Davis wants to play = win! Lets hope he wants to play every game soon instead of only every second

  7. Whenever I search for highlights I always throw dawkins in the search 🎉

  8. The worst officiating ever the refs Lakers vs warriors

  9. This wasn't a must win for GS but it's not exactly good

  10. We all see exactly what’s happening. We don’t need someone screaming “HE PASSED THE BALL! THE PERSON HE PASSED IT TO KNOCKED IT DOWND!” STFU

  11. Happy to be back.
    Please, where is Ad

  12. Been following y’all since 2016 finals and y’all never disappoint

  13. Lebron pass at 6.26..the same exact pass he did to kevin love some years ago vs Toronto.

  14. A +20 in free throws is something so outrageous that the league should investigate right away. The refs were trigger happy. Shame on them!

  15. Warriors 💛💙💛💙 will bounce back!

  16. "If you genuinely want something, don't wait for it-teach yourself to be impatient." -Gurbaksh Chahal

  17. CARI LAKERS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,PARAGONARE AI VS CHE FU' , OGGI VOI CHI SARESTE .??????????????????????

  18. I can’t be the only one that gets nervous whenever Anthony Davis runs into heavy contact lol

  19. Play hard! Win the series so you can lose to The Nuggets.

  20. i would be so pissed to go see a playoff game and they empty the bench early

  21. Y’all remember when Ximo Pierto was the best lol

  22. GSW's main weakness is quite obvious.

    1. Jordan Poole's poor form and downward spiral for this season. After securing a big contract, Poole was expected to at least maintain his 15ppg off the bench or get better. But he regressed, poor shooting and decision making because teams are locked in to his tendencies already. He hasn't shown the consistency or mental toughness.

    2. Kerr still hasn't shown the adaptability to use Curry more as a ISO ball handler. Use more PnRs, make the game simpler for this specific match up. He also needs to give Wiggins more ISO plays as a slasher to attack the rim and get foul calls.

    3. JGreen was a fluke in G2, since Kerr only experimented him shortly for G3, should make more plays for him to spread the floor and get him open looks to pull AD out from the paint.

    4. Klay needs to focus on just being a spot up shooter, spread the floor, stop dribbling or hogging the ball because he is slowing down the pace tremendously.

  23. The free throw discrepancy is absurd, NBA clearly wants to push another narrative for LeQueen if he wins with the help of the refs and the NBA as a whole.

  24. Lakers will be the Champ this year 100000%

  25. Is it just me or does kuminga look like he is giving zero effort !?

  26. GSW have the infrastructure to change the league, if it’s not a fare shake go European! Take the ball and go home!!

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