GEN vs T1 Highlights Game 3 LCK Summer Season 2023 W1D5 Gen G vs T1 by Onivia -

GEN vs T1 Highlights Game 3 LCK Summer Season 2023 W1D5 Gen G vs T1 by Onivia

Onivia LEC, LCS, LCK, LPL Highlights
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Hey guys, from now on you will see my face reacting randomly to video stuff so that we can avoid reused content and copyright issues…

GEN vs T1 Highlights Game 3 LCK Summer Season 2023 W1D5 Gen G vs T1 by Onivia

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  1. lmao thats what they get for not banning zeri, like what are u doing not banning her

  2. 1:14 Casters missed the "BOMBA" shoutout, could've been highlight of the week ndeaa

  3. I think riot must now give some sense on killing a champion in early game like killing a champion can now lessen or deduct the "level up" ratio of any champion in the game. then taking objectives or turrets can retrieve what you've lost in early game. its unfair that zeri that got killed in early game can still negate the cc of any champion.

  4. Down 5k gold, wins every team fight with Zeri

  5. T1 back at it again for giving away Zeri pick for free. I'm a T1 supporter but this always hurts to point out.

  6. lmao T1 loses 5v4 (yes Doran is that shit)
    and Wolf shouldn't be allowed to cast T1 ever again

  7. i know GEN won fair and they had good plays but it's just sad T1 lost this with how well they piloted their champs

    raising the ceiling > wins baby

  8. The amount of dopamine i will recieve when lck win worlds again, they never learn its like worlds 2022 was removed from the timeline. Keep coping So called STACKED region rn, if you know you know 😂

  9. Ah shit here we go again, Zeri is broken in competitive then will get nerfed her ass off.

  10. T1 cant play / handle zeri but they are a "championship team" lmfao

  11. Trash 1 trash 1 i heard many trash 1 fans there, what a bunch of idiots, i bet they gonna cry and shake 😂😂😂

  12. League at this patch is pretty much trash its much fun watching other Games because of this

  13. Shaker is washed. Please sub in the academy mid laner asap.

  14. Why only One Game??? So boring. No resbak. 😢

  15. I dont care but these 2 teams will choke again internationally .. im done with T1 always disappointing me.. im rooting for DK and HLE this coming worlds 2023

  16. You can't blame zeri if neither team is banning her. Same thing as T1 not banning Aatrox in worlds when he gave them so much trouble. I don't understand why they continually are scared of other champs despite already losing to the one(s) they let through.

  17. Doran trolled in the laning phase and still won. Zeri is answerable. Just take yumi and twitch like peyz and delight did against kt.

  18. T1 fanbois coping hard in the comments

  19. Since Zeris release Gen G hasn't had a single entertaining match. Unskilled af

  20. T1 stupid fan is still blaming drafting and Zeri for T1 loss. LMAO.

  21. Watching this level of league of legends just seems like 4x fast forward gameplay.

  22. Hope keria leaves this shitty team at the end of the year

  23. Riot please delete zeri in the game, ty.

  24. bro nobody complain when Guma play Zeri. Trash1 delusional cringe fangays celebrates when Zeri is on their side but doing anything to make excuses when they lose lmao. it's not about champs bro, PEYZ JUST HARD GAPPED GUMAYUSHIT. and way better as an overall adc. these dudes be rooting for Trash1 even they get disappointed by losing team every single year lmao

  25. Zeri is broken but T1 should’ve punished the Zeri Milio bot lane. Oner kept ganking top when Zeus was supposed to be weakside.

  26. I won't play league until Zeri is gonna be nerfed

  27. I hate the adc meta. It sucks in soloq and gigasucks in proplay. Every game now looks the same even more than it used too. I thought tank meta gauntlet+sunfire was shit but this… Riot, man…

  28. Just to lose to a rank 5 team from lpl… T1/geng best top 6 lpl rofl

  29. If the meta keeps going this way with Annie, aphelios, ksante, and zeri. Lpl will definitely win, they are playing different in this meta

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