Fruits Garden Mania | A matching 3 games with juicy fruits theme. Match 3 fresh fruits to blast them -

Fruits Garden Mania | A matching 3 games with juicy fruits theme. Match 3 fresh fruits to blast them

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Match 3 juicy fruits to blast them from the board! Continue collecting awesome fresh fruits and clearing the board to win the level. This is an exciting match 3 game with a fruity twist that you will love. You will find so many tropical fruits such as dragon fruits, or fruits from the fall harvest like pears and apples. Gather these juicy fruits that you can use to make passion fruit juice, cook juice jam, or create fruit jelly candy. It’s a jungle fever out here. Come and play with us!
Do you love tropical fruits such as dragon fruits or banana? Or do you prefer fall harvest fruits that grow in your home and garden such as pears, apples or berries? We all love fresh fruits and all fruits related drinks and candies such as passion fruit juice, fruit jelly candy, and more. Many of us have fruit trees in our home and garden so we can eat fruits as much as we can. Are you ready to explore the world beyond your home and garden? Join us in our tasty, dreamy adventure. Collect tasty fruits in your fruits basket as many as you can. Let’s start this juice jam, discover some fruity twists, and have fun!


There are so many things to see and so many areas to explore. As you progress into the fruits garden you will encounter more areas to conquer. Collect fruits for your fruits basket along the way. Start your juice jam with us!
The gameplay is simple: slide to match 3 fresh fruits or more to blast them. Keep blasting them to meet the level’s objective. As your game progress, the levels will be more challenging and exciting. You will find lots of cool fruity twists in this match 3 game so you won’t get bored.
You can encounter so many types of fruits from fall harvest fruits, tropical fruits such as banana or dragon fruits, and many more. Enjoy the beautiful HD graphic and sound that we create just for you. You will enter a very dream world with different landscapes. Don’t get jungle fever but don’t just stay in your fruit and garden! Keep on explore and adventuring.
Collect coins to get boosters and power ups you need. Open the app and play everyday for fantastic rewards to help you in your journey. We also have a lucky wheel for more rewards!
Do you need to blast many juicy fruits and fill up your fruits basket quickly? Use our power ups such as the fruit jelly candy, and bonuses! We also have some boosters to help you complete a level easily. Match more than 3 fruits, create chain reactions and get higher scores. Matching 5 fruits at once will get you a star fruit jelly candy to blast off your fruits.
What are you waiting for? Adventure and excitement awaits you. Download Fruits Garden Mania – Matching 3 Game now!

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