Fortnite Players Match 3 Games in a Row! #fortniteshorts #shorts -

Fortnite Players Match 3 Games in a Row! #fortniteshorts #shorts

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  1. Mans playing as Jett from Valorant tf?

  2. Wait the demogorgon can use stormbraker?!?!

  3. Arena fill wtf is that is this why some of my older friends join my game and there like put it on fill and I have to say there no fill on arena

  4. The gods have SPOKEN
    The Prophecy is being for told😵😵😵😵

  5. Me and my friend were playing fortnite, died to this guy named Like casper or something and his friend and the next game, we died again to those same guys.

  6. When he says he was in an arena fills when there is no arena fills 💀

  7. That happend to me too but u can’t play arena fills

  8. coughs it's called stay with team. It's an option you have when a match ends

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