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Empires & Puzzles Official Trailer 2019

Small Giant Games
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Empires & Puzzles is a completely new take on RPG games, combining match-3 battles and building a mighty stronghold – topped with thrilling PVP duels. Join the battle now!



  1. Чтобы вы положили ваши деньги украденные…. В ГРОБ СВОИМ ДЕТЯМ…

  2. когда 6* звезд сделаете нубы

  3. They could post more content here, tips and everything in different languages. I believe the channel would grow a lot and bring more players!

  4. If it was only that easy to get those particular hero summons. 😔

  5. When will new events and new heroes come?

  6. Ну и где мои кристаллы за просмотр 30ти секундной рекламы?

  7. Александр Гдеторядом says:

    Сука,разочаровался в игрушке,убил тёмного властелина,ща думаю хоть одну пятёрку заимею,хрен там,из эпического героя выпал Ульмер 3 звезды….нахер он мне нужен …зажрались Фины.

  8. Tanto tempo jogando e não sabia que tinha um canal, descobrir hoje kkkkkkkkkkk.

  9. It becomes very silly game
    You will never get legendary hero's with 5 stars untill you spent money or spent around 1000 diamonds
    In raids battel your enemy's Mana increases so so fast your hero's Mana increases according to the color you hit with and always the hero how increases the power of your team is the first one to be died or hits from the enemies
    Really I played this game just for happet but when I find another game will delete it from my device

  10. The Devs and customer servicr of this game can all go fuck themselves. Its been a year and my character got banned for 0 reason and no explanations other than they said my gems were incorrect from a purchase i made off a goft card. I fixed everything with google and yet a week later they completely stopped my account and wont reinstate it because they refuse to answer my emails. So if anyone with authority to this game sees this. I hope you all die in a greese fire and get hit by a bus after a tornado tosses you into a nuclear reactor. Thanks for a shitty game you have to pay to be good at!!!!

  11. “Summon great heroes” yeah sure why you didn’t show dawa in the video???

  12. I became addicted to it .. I didn't expect this ..

  13. У меня игра не открывалась во время войны зависл,,, в чем причина????? я не одного удара не сделала, это после обновы

  14. Curang beberapa panggilan gak pernah dapat bintang 5
    Huh payah…..

  15. These 2 buildings in base are in the other version

  16. pay to play ……..pay more euro …players make him richi hope all the many from  game …..pay for medicines

  17. Говно это ебучее, а не игра!

  18. Зделайте призыв Атлантиды.


  20. I have been playing this game for more than 2 years and more than once I haven’t got a player with a bonus Why is that? Why do your players have double standards?

  21. свинцовый гной под коровой says:

    Go play razrab

  22. العب الان مجاناً ، وتدفع داخل اللعبه كل شهر فوق ١٠٠٠ ريال

  23. O jogo ta me roubando, impossivel passar da faze 27-3

  24. Уберите на хер контратаку у всех героев… Не возможно играть… Гавно какая то


  26. Добавляйтесь ко мне на новый канал, ребята

  27. ZAPRASZAMY DO SOJUSZU Zjednoczone sojusze Jeśli chcesz pograć w miłej i spokojnej atmosferze ten sojusz jest właśnie dla Ciebie!!! ZAPRASZAMY WSZYSTKICH!!!!

  28. Смотри у меня видосы

  29. てか日本人おらんのかね

  30. Hi! Could you please tell me the name of the voice actor in this trailer? Or maybe someone knows it.

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