Dodgers vs. D-backs NLDS Game 3 Highlights (10/11/23) | MLB Highlights -

Dodgers vs. D-backs NLDS Game 3 Highlights (10/11/23) | MLB Highlights

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Dodgers vs. D-backs full NLDS Game 3 highlights from 10/11/23, presented by @evanwilliamsbourbon

(2:58) Lourdes Gurriel Jr. collects the D-backs first hit
(3:33) Kiké Hernández collects the Dodgers’ first hit of the game
(3:54) Geraldo Perdomo hits a solo home run
(4:35) Ketel Marte hits the D-backs second homer of the inning
(5:13) Christian Walker makes it 3-0 with another solo home run
(5:39) Gabriel Moreno hits the D-backs fourth homer of the 3rd inning
(8:38) Max Muncy singles in the 7th
(9:00) Chris Taylor drives in the Dodgers’ first run of the game
(9:35) Kiké Hernández makes it a 4-2 ballgame
(12:19) Paul Sewald sends the D-backs to the NLCS

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  1. So after 3 homers why did the dodgers not sit this guy immediately?

  2. Phillies fan here good luck dback fans should be a good series 🤝

  3. 🐍 ⚾️ 🏜️ 🌵 🔥 Best Dbacks game I’ve ever experienced in person!! Was beautiful

  4. Very disappointed in the (Dodgers ), it's another 1st place finish following a 1st postseason exit where the pitching staff ,and offense does not show up like the record says & has not the last 3 seasons La doesn't show up 😭😭😭

  5. Congratulations to my New York Mets for winning as many games as the Dodgers have this postseason

  6. Very disappointed in the (Dodgers ), it's another 1st place finish following a 1st postseason exit where the pitching staff ,and offense does not show up like the record says & has not the last 3 seasons La doesn't show up 😭😭😭

  7. The Dodgers can rot over the winter and maybe try to learn how to be a TEAM, rather than a group of individuals. Weak pitching, questionable manager decisions, Mookie and the other's batting well below .200. They didnt deserve this opportunity. So now, they can watch the real TEAMS play, and maybe learn a few things. I truly dislike the Dodgers as they broke my dad's heart when they left Brooklyn and he really never got over it, brought me up as a Mets fan and we NEVER went to any games in NYC when the Dodgers visited, that's how deep the sorrow was. And this summer, I took my 18 YO son to LA to see the dodgers and Dodger stadium, and boy is it decrepit and needs to be torn down and rebuilt. It is in poor shape, and is a hazard to fans and players, just ask Aaron Judge.

  8. Go Dbacks!!!! From az and still live here today, that 2001 World Series season was magical… let’s do it again!

  9. Congratulations to the Jays for winning as many games as they had and to make it to the post season. I hope that the Diamondbacks win. Go Gurriel and Moreno 😊

  10. The Dodgers could have phoned this series in. It's obvious that the D-Backs wanted to win, I mean REALLY wanted to win. I was shocked to say the least at how it went. I had expected Arizona to beat Milwaukee; that team only made the postseason due to the rest of the NL (Comedy) Central being so sucky.
    The Dodgers have fallen into the trap of "But you look mahvelous". Kershaw LOOKED mahvelous until he threw his first pitch with that torn-up arm. But we must keep up appearances, right?

  11. Dodgers and Braves… All time choke teams..

  12. I want to see Guriel against Guriel in the W.S.!!!

  13. Choke artists 😂 Kershaw has one of the worst playoff eras ever. Thr dodgers basically pay to win and still choke. 😂😂😂

  14. we'll forever have the memory of Costas blowing the call

  15. Que mal jugo david robert donde estába
    Jou kelly

  16. WOW , Dodgers hasn't win a world series since 86 ..EPIC

  17. damn i feel bad for will smith.. only one that showed up for the dodgers

  18. バウアー残しとけばよかったのに😂

  19. Wildcard teams do not belong in the postseason. Zero interest in any team remaining. What’s the point of winning a division anymore?

  20. Seems like clinching the division and sitting through the first round is bad

  21. How did dodgers lose?!😮😮😮😢😢😢

  22. Wheeler, Nola and Rangers ain’t giving up HR’s like the Dodgers did. Phillies in 5.

  23. I am amazed to watch the Phillies play so we'll against d backs
    And so ashamed of our Dodger's

  24. « Never has a team hit 4 home runs in an inning in the post season » WHAT A WAY TO JINX THE DODGERS LMAO

  25. Sounded like Bob costas was rapping when he called perdomos homer.
    “ Here’s perdomo look at THIS Hayward back at the FENCE can’t get it GONE ! he hit only SIX..” he was weak with the stick now he pushing the fence let’s get it 😮

  26. The d-backs ability not to project noise😂

  27. Dodgers were bit three times by Rattlesnake but had no antivenin serum😢

  28. So I guess inviting Satan to your stadium was maybe a bad idea. I’m so glad they lost.

  29. Dodgers are a failure they’re just like the cubs

  30. No no davis joe and noNo roberts a watse of money

  31. Like Los Angeles Dodgers fail to Oakland A’s 2017 and 2018 World Series

  32. Watching Moreno hit a foul ball shot to the right and then immediately hit a bomb was quite entertaining.

  33. This is why I could care less what the Dodgers do during the regular season.

  34. My first ever MLB game. What a game to see!

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