CRAZY COOL JOYSTICKS 🎮 - How to make your Scratch Games Mobile Friendly -

CRAZY COOL JOYSTICKS 🎮 – How to make your Scratch Games Mobile Friendly

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Do you want to make your games mobile friendly, learn how to code an awesome reusable mobile joystick (thumbstick) by following this tutorial and you’ll be playing your Scratch Games on your phone or tablet in no time!

Scratch works great with mouse and keyboard, but showing off your hard work to a friend on your mobile can be really frustrating unless you have the best mobile controls. That’s where this tutorial will help! Once coded you can backpack the controller script and drop it into all your favorite games!

My tutorials are for all budding game & software developers using Code Blocks. Scratch On guys!

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⭐ Projects Featured in this video
Click and Jump [ A Platformer ] – v1.10 #games #all #game #trending #s –
Potatoid Invasion v1.3 –
Scratch Fly | Mega Game | #Games #Trending # –
Snowy town – teeeeeeen – Unshared –

————–Video Chapters————–
0:00 Intro
1:00 Costumes
2:50 Coding the Joystick Base
3:20 Code Control Stick
5:22 Release back to Centre
6:58 Stick Direction and Power
9:02 Constrained Distance of Travel
12:21 Using the Thumb Stick in a Game
13:45 Thumb Stick Activation Area
17:45 Stick X & Stick Y
20:36 Using the STICK X & Y variables in game
22:14 Bigger Stick for Small Screens
23:31 Backpack to other Games!
24:14 Snowy Town by teeeeeeen
26:15 Click and Jump by ManGold-658
27:52 Highway Madness! by -Games_Central-
28:50 v1.5 by SlordWas Taken
30:03 Potatoid Invasion by Kube_Komix
32:24 Outro


  1. Why in 22:12 whenever I unhold it it it always moves to the left

  2. It worked thanks for tutorial

  3. this doesn't make sense for one variable because when I used the myself variable the stick will just not go back to the center of the base?????????

  4. Instead of using a variable to go to the centre of the sprite always you can just go into a different sprite get a go to block set it to the joystick and drag it into the sprite

  5. Thanks you very very very very very very very very mush

  6. wait a second I just realized griffpatch may be the same person as Mumbo Jumbo

  7. Im Making A Mabile AND PC Game.But Im On TurboWarp,But its Still The Same.

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