Clash of Diamonds - Match 3 by Vasco Games -

Clash of Diamonds – Match 3 by Vasco Games

Vasco Games
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Prepare yourself with this epic Clash of Diamonds. This can be a very addictive game. It’s all about matching diamonds with each other and other magic jewels, a real match 3 game. You can play this game everywhere you want to.
To win the battle in this amazing game, you need to achieve your goals. Earn points and create special power ups when you match 3 or more, like magic jewels with epic gem crunching effects. You can use these special power ups to create new space or new options to succeed the level and achieve your goal in this very addictive game.
Clash of Diamonds – Match 3 game features:
– Four different campaign types to play. Start and unlock all of the others.
– Special Power Ups: Earn special powers by combining the right diamonds which creates special magic jewels with epic gem crunching effects
– Gold coins: You can purchase awesome specials and extra moves to use in game to achieve the goal if you can’t make it normal. Out of coins? You can buy new coins in game.
– Lives: You have limited lives to play. Run out of lives? Ask your friends for new lives or purchase the Lifetime V.I.P. status. That will give you unlimited playtime in this match 3 game.
– Connect with Facebook or Google+ to see the scores of your friends. Challenge them and see the difference in the leaderboards. Also earn achievements with Google +.
Note: Clash of Diamonds can be a very addictive game. 😉
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  1. por favor actualizar el juego pues llegue al 830 y no hay más etapas me encanta este juego.y lo extraño

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