Can AI code Flappy Bird? Watch ChatGPT try -

Can AI code Flappy Bird? Watch ChatGPT try

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I asked ChatGPT to provide me with instructions on how to make Flappy Bird and it also wrote all of the code. I didn’t write a single line of code myself, all code was given to me by ChatGPT. Will this usher in an age of video game development in which hobbyist game developers can make a video game without needing to know how to program?

This was done using Chat GPT-4. I asked Chat GPT to make the game in C# using Unity. The results of this experiment are impressive, and there are other examples on the Internet of Chat GPT doing even more impressive things. For game development a lot of the impressive feats I’ve seen are based on ideas we already know. For example, Flappy Bird has simple game rules, and many tutorials on the Internet exist for it already. This means the Flappy Bird game is particularly well suited for Chat GPT to understand.

So what’s next? Future tools are on their way (or already here) – most notably Microsoft Copilot. At a minimum an AI Copilot written explicitly for programming won’t make simple or obvious programming errors. Beyond that, having full knowledge of the game’s codebase to help the AI understand how to extend an existing project will be a game-changer. Iteration is a crucial step in game development so true co-development with an AI won’t be possible until this integration happens.

How long did it take?
3 hours from start to finish, including art. The actual code was about 1.5 hours. You can see timestamps in the bottom right corner of my screen in the video if you zoom in.

Can I get the source?
Full project source files are available here:

Can I see the conversation?
Imgur album with the full conversation I had with ChatGPT here:

Can ChatGPT make a game that didn’t already have tons of references on the internet?
As others have pointed out, the standard implementation is to actually keep the bird stationary and move the pipes to the left. I chose to move the bird and camera right because that was ChatGPT’s initial proposal so I wanted to see how it would go AND it shows that ChatGPT is being generative with code that does NOT already exist.

What did you use for the art?

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  1. I wouldn't even be able to follow ChatGPT's instructions since I've never used Unity before. I have plenty of coding knowledge for web and mobile development though.

  2. I literally used chat GPT to make a Sega Genesis game. It's coming along pretty decent

  3. At first we thought talking to a robot that understands you is something funny and out of this world but now I can't even imagine how serious this will get

  4. Imagine unity coding hard it could be💀

  5. This guy is like every typical product manager. Oh right, we forgot like half of the basic requirements, soooorrryyyy

  6. I still have the original Flappy Bird app on my ipod touch if anyone wants to buy it

  7. Could you make an AI generated video of this concept? 😅

  8. As a CS major, i see the potential in this to end a great many careers in the coming 5 to 10 years. Heartbreaking, but capitalism and humans seen as commodities catches up to every industry.

  9. Nice Video, Can i also if i use your source change the duck into the face of my boss?

  10. Get it to code skyrim. So Finaly I can play skyrim never ending

  11. Dude got an extra intelligence chromosome

  12. I can tell you I have no experience coding and got most systems working with chat gpt 3.5 I think it’s possible now.

  13. Fk. I am changing my course to law. 💀

  14. Lets see what games he will make using AI, subscribed

  15. Great, now you know how to ask questions to a bot… And also – of course it would be able to create one of the simplest (and most boring tbh) games ever made… you could've done this yourself without AI in a week or less by watching tutorials about Unity and C#. That way you'd be learning useful knowledge and not just learning how to do "prompt enginnering" (cough asking cough questions)..

  16. AI land a way to make incompetent people relevant…. fk ai

  17. Soon us developers will be redundant

  18. How can I use ChatGPT with Murkekos Stars? It would be great if I could teach it to play the game. I don't know if it will work.

  19. It's kind of like when you guide someone through some complicated computer-related task over the telephone from memory, when you don't have a computer in front of you. You assume everything will just work just as you recall. They say 'this isn't working' or 'this error has popped up' etc.- and you adjust accordingly. What it should do is have some emulator that it can check its own instructions and see what it 'forgets' to mention, then and there. Or better still- test everything prior to telling you- though that would usually take much longer, depending on what it's testing.

  20. Отличная идея , спасибо. Смотрю вас благодаря нейросети , которая автоматически переводит ваше видео💪

  21. The most amazing thing in this video is how the author articulates what he wants, a lot depends on the wording.

  22. Ah, so this is why Dragon's Dogma 2 is so slow.

  23. I made several games an program s with c++ I had only to correct him really impressive.

  24. Tchat GPT do a game at 100% if you aske him the good questions and what informations he need to know. Problems is not tchat GPT, it's users…

  25. now i remember his face. this is mobile diablo dude…

  26. "the biggest threat ai poses to humanity is, that some humans will claim too early that we have fully understood it."

  27. After watching this I feel like programmers are gonna go obsolete very soon

  28. Good video and good idea for me to work on new projects that I have been delaying due to lack of technological know how.

  29. I’ve been creating a Call of Duty Zombies style game using ChatGPT with no Unity or coding experience and I’ve essentially got a fully working game now after a few months.

    Health, Points, Guns, Door System, Perk System, Wall Buying, Wave Spawner, Menus, Game Over etc.. The lot..

    I don’t even know how to write one line of code. ChatGPT isn’t always accurate and they constantly give you wrong code but being specific and having patience eventually you’ll overcome the issue.

    It’s definitely do-able to create a fully working game from ChatGPT alone just be prepared for the constant errors it gives you.

    I went from someone not even knowing how to add a cube on the screen in Unity, to having a fully functional working Call of Duty Zombies style game.

    ChatGPT will help you learn Unity.

  30. But you need an actual programmer asking it the right questions, an everyday joe would not know what to ask ChatGPT in order to have a game actually work!

  31. programmers will be replaced by a.i. now

  32. Watching in 2024 highlights how much more important it is to ask the right questions with GPT and knowing enough about that output to be able to fix any of the mistakes it may have introduced. Really intresting after 1 year.

  33. if u want much higher level AI and accurate and complex and u never had errors code guys I'll introducing DEEPAI the DEEPAI is so powerful and much better than OPENAI since start 1990 and u can show ur picture and video and anything u want

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