BYG vs. HLE - Game 3 | Play-In Knockouts Day 2 | 2021 World Championship -

BYG vs. HLE – Game 3 | Play-In Knockouts Day 2 | 2021 World Championship

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2021 World Championship Play-In Day 5 #Worlds2021

Beyond Gaming vs. Hanwha Life Esports

Beyond Gaming Line up:
• Liang – Top Fiora
• Husha – Jungle Talon
• PK – Mid Ornn
• Doggo – ADC Miss Fortune
• Kino – Support Alistar

Hanwha Life Esports Line up:
• Morgan – Top Irelia
• Willer – Jungle Lee Sin
• Chovy – Mid Orianna
• Deft – ADC Kai’Sa
• Vsta – Support Gragas

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  1. So pressing emote is asking for a death sentence now

  2. Imagine having 2-3 days preparing to Lane against the Mid Lane God Chovy Himself.

  3. At 6 minutes byg wqs dominating for the last 2 minutes.But made some dumb mistakes, like LOW AGGRESSION. WowThen they lose. Weird

  4. Imagine getting gapped by Morgan every game. Dont get me wrong, he's good. Just that among the 4 lck representatives, he's just the weakest top laner. I see now the difference in strength between a wildcard and major region.

  5. BYG midlaner left the tournament , playing without your main players its obvious HLE had advantage. This match was not necessary.

  6. Deft is getting carried by Chovy to the trophy. He is so bad.

  7. Doggos for real, id be shocked if an NA team didnt pick him up.

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