Braves vs. Phillies NLDS Game 3 Highlights (10/11/23) | MLB Highlights -

Braves vs. Phillies NLDS Game 3 Highlights (10/11/23) | MLB Highlights

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Braves vs. Phillies full NLDS Game 3 highlights from 10/11/23, presented by @evanwilliamsbourbon

(1:20) Austin Riley collects the Braves’ first hit
(4:20) Ronald Acuña doubles in the 3rd
(4:36) Ozzie Albies drives in Ronald Acuña with a single
(5:20) Nick Castellanos ties the game with a solo homer
(6:12) Trea Turner legs out an infield single
(6:36) Bryce Harper hits a 3-run homer
(7:33) J.T. Realmuto places a double into left field to drive in two more runs
(8:03) Bryce Harper hits his second homer of the game
(9:44) Orlando Arcia hits an RBI single
(10:13) Trea Turner hits a home run to left-center field
(10:43) Nick Castellanos hits his second homer of the game
(11:11) Brandon Marsh hits a home run to left
(12:12) Michael Lorenzen seals the 10-2 win for the Phillies

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  1. The Phillies gave the braves a flashback of last year game 3 playoffs again 😂…what a game

  2. How many damn ads are going to pop up damn

  3. rangers vs phillies in the series!!! will be the home run series!!!!!!!

  4. Phillie gonna go back to the world series

  5. Tan buenos jugadores que tienen los Atlanta Braves y se volvieron nada en la postseason 😢😢

  6. This is another reason I hate MLB's highlights……After Harper's three run bomb…….the next pitcher comes in and miraculously there are two guys already on base……losers (mlb).

  7. The Braves are such a fraudulent post season team. They gotta learn how how to take regular season momentum into the postseason figure it out!

  8. Just wow, good for Harper to respond in the way that he did. Arica is gonna eat that for the rest of his life.

  9. What a Choke job by a 104 win team… I mean phils basically owned em. rediculous. And ubsurd. 104 wins?

  10. I am so disappointed in the Braves…and I am a huge fan…but enough is enough with this losing to philly in the playoffs…such a disappointment

  11. Winning your division and having the bye – is bulllshit. I think teams should look more to sandbagging.

  12. Haven't heard that "over rated" chant in a hot minute. Lol.

  13. ATL had the best record but failed to a division rival. I had ATL vs Baltimore in the WS and they both is outta here. My next guess is Texas vs Phillies or Arizona vs Houston

  14. Its all scripted like the wwe. I guess people can't see through this. I have the phillies in the world series. if you learn numerology you would understand.

  15. braves more luck next season i hope that braves would be good

  16. guess all the hype about awaken beerus is real, he really know some inside info about these events. The guy changed my life

  17. The only thing missing from this game was Joe Davis announcing it.

  18. Phightin Phil’s do it again!! Let’s gooooo. Incredible offense and defense!!!! Movin on!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏

  19. Teams like the Braves annd Dodgers are built to win regular season games. The Phils and Astros are the only two teams truly built to win PLAYOFF games.

  20. crickets on this channel…lol

    Go Phils!!!

  21. Who were the two guys on top of the stadium during Harper’s first hr???

  22. Incredible I must admit. A Cub fan but if you pull for Philly, this was the game to see. Total domination of an awesome baseball team. And after these last two years likely the top rivalry in baseball. Not really a fan of the throat slashing stuff or the tomahawk chop but it doesn't really matter. Bryce Harper was Hall of Fame level awesome.

  23. Not a Phillies fan but what a games with Braves are the best of postseason ! HR after HR!

  24. Dang! Bryce Harper can really mash, man. Orlando Arcia really got humbled by that.

  25. THIS was a setup….. ALL Braves pictures after the 3rd inning started throwing the ball 'strait' down the middle!!!!

  26. Cute celebration there Acuna, that lasted almost one inning of the series. Braves are a 🤡 show

  27. Atta Boy, Harper….Say it with me, like Darth Vader's breathing::;;HAAHHPERRR.

  28. アストロズへのお土産を作ってるみたいですね

  29. Nice to know who wins the NLDS…game 3 4-5.

  30. This game had to have a heavy feeling in the hearts of braves players and fans. You just know it’s over and a quick exit from the playoffs.

  31. Phillies are built for the postseason. Even last year. This year they’re much improved for postseason. No they didn’t play to get to 100 wins. They rested their players after clinching. Braves played every player every inning and they looked tired and done. Topper managed with the 90s and 200s Yankees so he knows what it takes. Just hope he gets a handle on this pitching situation pulling late not pulling pilulling early 7 bullpen arms. 1 arm off and we have game 2. Hoffman hit acuna and gave a homer up to Riley we lose

  32. No hard feelings toward arcia long term but thanks for the bulletin board material. I don’t think we needed it in this park. But it couldn’t have hurt! Atta boy arcia and Harper!

  33. Bryce shoulda mimicked Rhys, a split screen Rhys spike and Harper spike. Then the stare down. Slit the stoat of andruw jones and his words of negativity

  34. Nola stop tipping your cap and accept the Philly deal unless they get abetted pitcher not likely any better when we’ll, and you fixed mechanics. Been awesome since. Stay, no need to act like this may be your last start. Harper took less than everyone only 26 mil. Worth 30 that’s a steal too, but 35 imo minimum he shoulda got. Wheeler too, steal. Mvp. NLCS mvp. Clutch. It’s Harper in postseason then everyone else. He’s above manny Ramirez and arod levels in postseason. He coulda took moline, took less to have money in Phil’s books to get turner, schwarber castellanos bullpen arms, last year and this. He’s the key Philadelphian that knew to get the pieces we need money so he took 10 mil a year less. That adds up to a lot. A stud bullpen guy or great player every year. Or a superstar, saving Phil’s 120 mil to be flexible. He lived up to hype. He became mr Philly. He created this love affair. It’s all him and the others but mainly Homs be his phanatic shoes socks and gear. They need them powder blue unis every day


  36. I’m a life long cardinal fan but man I just love watching the Phillies

  37. dreamverse nights' game review theory says:

    The Phillies scores 6 Home Runs

    1. Nick Castellanos (2x)
    2. Bryce Harper (2x)
    3. Trea Turner
    4. Brandon Marsh

  38. I've said it before and I'll say it again, 100 Wins in MLB is a curse, and it cursed the Braves

  39. Phillies very well might have the best crowd in all of baseball. The stands always look so cool with the mix of red and baby blue jerseys 🔥

  40. Philly is still a dump no matter how many their teams win.

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