Amanda's Magic Book 5: Hansel and Gretel - Match 3 Games - iWin -

Amanda’s Magic Book 5: Hansel and Gretel – Match 3 Games – iWin

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Amanda anticipated a relaxing, delightful visit from her nephew Cedric when she is entrusted with his care for a few days. However, Cedric’s limitless energy and heroic dreams fatigue her, so she encourages him to read a book with her—a fairy story called Hansel and Gretel. But books have power, and what was supposed to be a peaceful reading experience turns into unanticipated danger when Amanda and Cedric are both drawn into the world of the book, where a witch in the forest plots a deadly plot and a girl embarks on a desperate quest for her missing brother.

– Revisit the popular fairy tale with a new twist
– Exciting match-3 puzzles to gather the resources you need
– 5 chapters to follow her journey every step of the way
– Join Amanda and Cedric on in an adventure they never forget
– Exciting characters and story take the stage for this adventure

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