ALGS Year 3 Championship - THE FINALS | Apex Legends -

ALGS Year 3 Championship – THE FINALS | Apex Legends

Apex Legends Global Series
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  1. TSM is the definition of; “if the universe wants you to win, you will”

  2. Man Dojo may not have won anything but dominating one of the best teams on the WE contest is huge for first lan

  3. What an absolute Apex Colossus. Yeah they deserve a statue in Apex 2 or something Respawn. It's always them. They're the Master Chief of Apex Legends.

  4. It's kinda funny raven the TSM coach have his face half shown because the light only show to 3 main player. It make him looks a hidden boss villain

  5. I missed it live but wow insane comeback. I bet the haters were fuming 😂

  6. 4:38:50 During MVP, when Hal is talking about haters can keep on hating, what does "and I'll hit the add button" mean?

  7. Why am I still wasting my time watching the algs when tsm wins no matter what. Saf is so brain dead for not pushing them after the dojo fight. They let tsm rez reps with blue armour. 🤷‍♂️

  8. Why can no other team than tsm ever win. Optic should have closed it out in match 4.

  9. Nice to see campers in this event. Didn‘t expect it😅

  10. Only 2 good sportscasters. The rest are babbling idiots.

  11. At this point I'm wondering who at EA/Respawn is in charge of the TSM Invisibility switch.

    SAF, oh look there's on down we could shoot from height, but nah let's not get some KP.

  12. Pin this!!!. Dont scroll to avoid spoliers 😭😭

  13. all races and various skin types are united here
    GG TSM

  14. TSM! TSM TSM!
    PS: what the hell where the questions made to TSM?? "tell me how you feel??" really??

  15. Worst interview at the end that I've ever saw! Did this guy prepared anything? It's embarrassing….

  16. rewatching this and reading all the hate comment in the chat on TSM before they win back to back to back is so funny.

  17. i dont understand why tsm won even when they got 3 consecutive 1rt place, optic gaming had more points… 4:35:10 ???

  18. I really can't understand how SAF did not capitalize on their moments to secure the top of zone several times in the last game. Some poor decision making, not dropping on the end of the fight of TSM vs DOJO, or TSM vs BLVKHND, and to go from where they had height to all the way underneath. Watching again it seems they went down before TSM made their move on BLVKHND. But 🤔 TSM definitely played amazing so props to them. ALSO, love Raynday, Tiff, Vikki, Lauren and Dia!

  19. everyone in the comments talking about how teams are ratting are the ones I get on my team that run in a building alone and die lol

  20. They really thought ZER0 was gunna be in the ALGs championship so they went forth with that skit 😭💀

  21. Whoever that is screaming the entire time needs kicked tf out. Like Jesus

  22. i think apex might be the hardest competitive game ever made , i mean the amount of skill and real time iq it take to be at this level is crazy

  23. SAF really sold the tournament to TSM if they was aggressive enough they could have killed tsm in 2:38:00 and they should have dropped on them in 4:10:30 but they sold. Hal is truly the IGL in apex

  24. Coming from someone that started Apex 1 month ago and already mastered some moves, I find it weird to see 0 moverment tech used at pro level. Why is that the case?


  26. why they still alow people play with aim assist in controller? what is the point?

  27. what is this trans guy doing in the middle of the table? quite obvious what EA is doing there

  28. Seems like a terrible meta for spectating.

  29. I thought this game died it’s almost there 🤣

  30. 4:24:25 why is that fat guy even with them? he has never played Apex once in his whole life. 4:26:52 ofc it wasn't cause of u since u don't even play the game u wouldn't know the first thing in making strats. If u ever feel useless know every Apex team is forced to have an Apex couch with their silver-plat game sense pretending to help ALGS pros while taking a cut of the money

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